9 months ago

It is Magento based fully customized e-commerce store and it is built and maintained by Matrid Technologies. It has become one of the UKs most loved marketplace to buy Power Tools, Gardening Tools, etc.


  • It was WordPress multisite where one site was the landing page and the other site was the secure social network. But later on, The landing page was to integrate the webtv inside it.

  • Realtime Comments

  • Video Page for users

  • Making the two set of categories.

Automated Created by Admin

In this, the automated were to be categorized as the Most Viewed, Most Liked.

  • Some other minor challenges were like Video Description, JavaScript Loader Plugin, Remove Youtube logo and related videos... and few more.


  • I created a separate module(plugin) so that it can be integrated on either side and for later on if the landing page is integrated the webtv inside it, the module will not be interpreted and will continue to run.

  • For real-time comments all user are able to comment on video and comments are loaded on a realtime basis. A log is created so that comments will be loaded again when that video is viewed again.

  • Video Page for users where they are able to view all categories and Video i.e "OnAIR" page.

  • I made the different categories for the client that had the following functions

  1. Adding new Categories
  2. editing of Categories
  3. Uploading Videos to categories
  4. Removing or deactivating videos from categories
  • For the automated category which were to be categorized as the Most Viewed, Most Liked. I wrote the logic for these in my code and got the both categories. an eCommerce site on Magento. For this website, I have coded various advanced modules which help them market big. The modules included:

1.Selling a second product on installments: For a Magento client, I have coded a unique Upsell program after the order confirmation. We offered a product on 3 installments after the customer bought a product. Customer has to pay only 33% upfront and the product will be delivered. Rest 66% payments comes in two installments in next two months.

2.Coded a widget of 'Share your purchase' on the order confirmation purchase. Amazon does the same. If the customer clicks Facebook icon after the purchase, his purchase is shared across his friends on Facebook. It gets us more references and possible buyers.

3.Coded various landing pages which client can enable/disable from admin.

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