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Sr. Magento 2 Developer
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Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer
Magento 2 Certified Frontend Developer
Magento Certified Professional Cloud Developer

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Development of module for Magento 2 framework. Customization of checkout to let customers redeem 3rd party giftcard codes. Functionality added into cart and checkout to check card balance against 3rd party API.

Development of module for Magento 2 framework. Requirements were to integrate a local courier delivery services company API to allow customers select the best shipping option to them. Had to develop structure to allow admins manage the different methods that the courier offers.

Development of advanced product search module based on Magento 1. Due to the nature of the products, a highly customised search was developed in order to allow customer to quickly find and identify the product attributes, tier prices, and more information. All displayed in a very convenience design.

Development of a custom module for integrating 3rd party services to generate electronic invoices from Magento 1. Part of the job was work together with the client team in order to help polishing the services methods to grant a perfect integration between the systems.

Full development of store based on Magento 1. Requirements were to develop a functional and simple store for selling Brazilian style candies were customers can checkout in a straightforward way choosing local payment and shipping integrations.

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