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Sometimes due to some reasons, you have to restrict a group of users to visit and purchase on your Online Store. With Magento 2 Age Verification Popup Extension you can prevent such age group users (underage/adults/child) users to visit and purchase Products from your Website. The extension works by installing an age-gate on your Website. Users have to verify their age when they access your Website. You can enable age-gate on any specific product only or you can enable it for the entire Store. This extension comes with 10 different Popup Templates you can choose any one which suits with your Store Theme to look it more Professional. If you want to allow users to pass age-gate quickly without any hassle you can enable Checkbox or Button to verify age group. You can customize the following options here.


Continue Button

Restriction Button

Close Button

Powerful Key Features::

Add Age Verification Popup to your Store

Select Any of the 10 Different Popup Templates

Restrict Specific Products, Categories & CMS Pages

Enable Age Verification Popup on Cart & Checkout

Personalize Popup with Title, Image & Description

Multiple Templates Methods to Verify Age


45 days money back

FREE lifetime support

FREE lifetime upgrades

2 Minutes installation

Developed by Magento certified developers

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