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Kippy, magento 2 1 year ago

I've worked as lead backend developer in this website, supporting the migration from a native website to magento 2. I've configured and edited the magento API to support a custom guest checkout.

Magento 1 website 1 year ago

I've worked in a team of 3 developer as a backend developer in a live Magento 1.9 ecommerce. As it's a high traffic ecommerce I've always worked taking care of stability, performance and cache. I've optimized different aspects, for example: search using Elasticsearch, REST API used in the mobile apps, Magento dashboard performances. I've developed new features used by the customer and by other team members. I've developed, tested and managed the version upgrade of all the website and managed the migration to PHP 7

Magento 1 website 1 year ago

I've worked as the main developer in a live Magento 1.9 ecommerce with different tasks. I had the ownership of all the IT infrastructure (ubuntu cloud servers). As a full stack developer I've worked in every aspect of this ecommerce and developed new features. I've optimized the resource loading to increase the website performance and the increasing number of users month by month. I've profoundly change all the frontend template and developer new features like a membership program. I've changed all the checkout process increasing the speed, decreasing the number of clicks and changed the PSP. I've worked alongside the marketing and data analysis team to increase the ecommerce revenue and user experience. Furthermore I had to manage external collaborators tasks.

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