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This is a Magento 1 Project

  • Frontend and Backend development
  • Deployed to live a downgraded version of the store. It was running a Magento 1 Enterprise Edition but the client wanted to downgrade it to Community Edition. Had to go over database and fix a variety of inconsistencies.

This is a Magento 2 Project.

  • It was created two new product types based on grouped type. Each single item of a grouped type has its own stock quantity and price, but when sold within a package (the parent product) it has to correspond to what is set in the parent product.

  • There is a variant where the customer can set how much of each item in a package he would like to buy, respecting some rules.

  • A custom field to tier_prices was created which is a special_price field, so as the client works mostly with wholesale it has some promotions under tier_prices.

  • It was also developed a custom import system in order to match the previous Magento 1 system the customer was used to use. A kind of advanced profile was created and the possibility of matching CSV column names with Magento 2 product attributes.

  • Frontend work

This is a Magento 1 Project

  • Panini used to have 2 stores: Panini Authentic and Panini America. It was requested to merge the both stores into a single one, preserving and synchronizing all data. An extension was created to consume the webservice from one store to the other. All data: orders, customers, products, promotion rules, product attributes, and some 3rd party extension data were imported and synchronized between the two stores into the single one online today.

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