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Add this user-friendly and flexible magento 2 wholesale fast / quick order extension to your website that allows your customers to add multiple products to their cart quickly and make your website more customer-centric and boost sales.

LookBook 5 years ago


This Magento 2 extension for Look Book is a very aesthetic and persuasive way of attracting customers to buy your products. It allows you to create industry-specific look books for clothes, accessories, furniture, jewellery, etc. You can combine various complementary products and create a complete look book out of it.

The extension enables you to create a separate landing page for this. All the looks that you create can be displayed here. Plus, the extension gives you utmost customisation and flexibility options. You can choose the display, specifications, type, etc. of all the products that you display in the look book.


Do you know that displaying complementary products together rather than individually increases their visual appeal by almost 70%? A product alone might not look so attractive and worthy as it does with a counterpart. A collective display gives the customer a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the appearance of a given product. Thus, their inclination towards purchasing the product would also be strengthened.

As a smart entrepreneur of the 21st century, this part of the human psychology can come very handy to you. You can use this technique to influence the customers of your e-com website and boost your sales.

For example, instead of simply displaying a T-shirt, you can display it as a complete outfit using other products on your website. Thus, you provide the customers with a ready-made outfit and promote all the element products together.

The Mageants team identified this sales hack and has come up with a very practical extension that can help you with this. The Mageants Look Book extension for Magento 2 is a very functional tool which can help you with this.

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