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Kathmandu LTD 3 years ago

I joined Kathmandu to help them deliver their Magento 2 project lead by James Deane. I helped train their development team on Magento 2 and built their Summit Club functionality, help center and other parts.

Global Cycle Network 3 years ago

Global Cycle Network is building their new store in a headless fashion using Laravel as a middleware, ReactJS as a frontend and Magento 2 as the backend. My responsibilities were to create API endpoints, help with the routing and data migration from m1 to m2.

Run Auto Parts 3 years ago

Run Auto Parts are one of the largest aftermarket euro car parts suppliers. I migrated their entire backend functionality from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Live templates for PHP Storm to help speed up development time.

A tool which helps you quickly build Magento 2 modules

Docker In Magento 2 6 years ago

A blog post I wrote providing information on how to setup Magento 2 using Docker.

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