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Looking for a developer to join our team in Bangalore of passionate developers that love to do their best work with our company
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Need some help copying an existing theme and making light CSS changes and also doing some product import.
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Ever wanted to work with a Magento site that gets half a billion page views? Looking for some senior Magento development talent for an exciting project!
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Acumen is a powerfully flexible, grid-based Magento theme. It was designed specifically for easy customization and to fit a wide range of stores. Its minimal layout puts maximum attention on products, while keeping a clean and modern aesthetic throughout. You’ll love it!

Redesigned, relaunched and maintained the custom jewelry design site for Brighton. We significantly expanded their Digital Showroom which was an iPad optimized magento site for sales associates to use in the retail locations. We also greatly enhanced and speed up their custom fulfillment and catalog integrations.

Developed the IDP Check Presenters site in Magento. They sell American Express branded check presenters that can be customized with an uploaded logo.

Magento Masters 1 year ago

Designed and implemented a top contributor program for the Magento Community from the ground up. This project included collaboration with our Brand, Thought Leadership and Design teams as well as obtaining buy in from key stakeholders and the Executive Leadership Team.

We built a custom responsive Magento website and store for Lamkin Grips - the #1 golf grips manufacturer in the world. The site uses our Advanced Abandoned Cart extension to help shoppers save their carts easily to their email address and has helped boost revenues by 6% just from recovered carts.

A/B Test Extension 3 weeks ago

We have developed an A/B Test Extension for Magento that essentially allows you to test two different magento stores against each other under the same domain, all under the same installation. You can test different extensions, different payment and shipping options, different navigation, different content, etc. It goes far beyond what the snippet testing platforms can do with content tests. We have many successful Magento 1 tests under our belts with our clients and are working on getting our Magento 2 version into the marketplace.

Owned by Jarrod Schulz of Storage Wars, Outlaw Apparel express ones individuality and unique approach to life.

Dime Racing is a privately held American corporation that supplies the automotive industry with engineered components, systems, and services. Based out of Huntington Beach California, DIME has multiple divisions that give the company a vast proficiency in the automotive field. From complex chassis design, to lightweight automotive composite systems, the DIME brand has grown its core competencies to meet the demands of the harshest automotive environments, while surpassing the quality its customers expect.

Battery Central 4 years ago

I was working on front and back end, customizing layouts, style sheets, developing CMS pages, configurable products dynamic selection,System notification applications,Configure Search functionalities on Search engine, version control system(SVN) used,Price calculators and price rules, update or create Magento plugins, Product Attributes, upgrade Magento to newer version, create sort functions on products such as price, color, Name fast and optimized that amazon bought the Batterycentral and is going to have a section specifically for Lenmar Batteryfinder, which was a great success for our Company.

This is a project that has been done at Scosche, my current company, Mostly lead, review codes, documenting and organizing the team.

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