Played a key role in building the RWD theme for Magento 1. Implemented a SASS framework and applied responsive styles to dozens of pages/components across the Magento 1 frontend.

Designed and built a Magento 1 site for Elemental LED.

Worked as the lead architect on a project with PayPal to add PCI-compliant support for saved credit cards to Magento 1 using PayPal's Reference Transaction and Billing Agreements capabilities

Served as the architect on this project with Classy Llama to build a new eCommerce website for seasonal retailer Merry Stockings, including offering customers dynamic preview of custom products & and automated custom fulfillment workflow for the merchant

Assisted a private university with modernizing and streamlining their online storefront (using Shopify) and fulfillment processes (using Shipstation).

This was a quick run-through of how merchants should be preparing for BF/CM. I cover a little tech, a little marketing, some e-mail, and even ops so it's super deep in any one area but hopefully broad enough to spark some insight.