Downgrade Magento 2 Commerce to Magento 2 Open Source

Sample Command M2 4 years ago

Sample Command Module For Magento 2

Personal Website 4 years ago

Trying to find time to write posts

DwD - CMS Menu 4 years ago

Magento CE extension that allow administrators to include and manage CMS pages links in the top navigation. GitHub repository:

Magento-InfiniteScroll - Automatically load the next page of products in Magento. Easy to install and configure, this module works100% out of the box with Magento's default theme.

Development of an order states flow Web Service for client ERP Integration. Custom self-developed Blog importation from Wordpress to Magento AheadWorks Blog extension. Development of FinCosum (for funded payments of La Caixa spanish bank entity) integration extension, as Payment Method.

Kiwoko Pet Shop 2 years ago

Main Magento 2 backend developer in Kiwoko, a Magento 2 Enterprise/Commerce Edition project, to stabilize and improve it, update and upgrade it and develop lot of new features.

Descours & Cabaud 2 years ago
  • Collaborating in the Magento 2 upgrade, and working in the customization of the Google Tag Manager integration.

  • A B2B Magento 1 Enterprise multi store platform running on several European countries. Involved in critical projects like their migration to PHP7, a new Varnish implementation and optimization, and the Magento upgrade from EE 1.12 to 1.14.

EPoliceSupply 4 years ago

EPoliceSupply is a leading vendor for police badges, fire badges, insignia and leather products from the leading manufacturers. They are national dealers for Smith & Warren, Blackinton, Perfect Fit Leather and Strong Leather.

ZeroMariaCornejo 4 years ago

We migrated the full website from a custom platform to Magento, now we keep updating the website and implementing new features all the time.

Quality Developers

If you've used other marketplaces in the past, you've likely run across developers that weren't very good. At Commerce Hero, we vet all Magento developers personally.

Transparent Pricing

Our developers aren't cheap, but you can see right up front what their rates are. Why go through a song and dance with a sales person just to find out what their rates are?

See Availability

If you've worked with freelancers in the past, you know their availability is subject to change. We eliminate the uncertainty by showing you their availability at a glance.


Magento is a complex system, and even the strongest Magento developers have areas of specialty. Find developers with experience in the specific areas you need.


Drill down to find exactly the developer you need. Search by location to find a developer in your area. You can also search by skill set, their rates, reviews, and more.


The price is right, at no cost to you, the hiring company. We charge developers a small percentage of projects that are booked through Commerce Hero.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost?

We charge a percentage of referred projects (or full time hires). In the case of projects we'll charge the company being hired, and in the case of recruiting we'll likely charge the hiring company.

What markets is this available in?

We will be initially targeting North America and major European markets. We will eventually get to other markets as well. This will simplify a number of factors for us including quality.

Is this going to be a race to the bottom like other marketplaces?

Nope - in fact we won't even allow developers to charge fees that are lower than what we consider reasonable for quality Magento development work. This service is all about quality.

What if we want to hire someone locally?

While we would greatly encourage all hiring companies to consider remote developers, we will also be offering some support for hiring locally as well, including outreach to specific markets.

Are You a Hero?

Sign up now to add your profile to the site. Whether you're a freelancer or work for an agency or a merchant, you can find other developers to hire or get clients for yourself or for your company.

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