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A little development utility that is two things in one:

  1. a faster magento cache:clean drop-in replacement
  2. a file watcher that selectively cleans cache tags based on the type of the changed file

This official guide published by Magento outlines a multifaceted approach to improve the security of your Magento installation. I was a co-contributor to the publication and also volunteered answering questions on both the Official Magento Community Forums and the Magento Stack Exchange site. Content from the forums posts that we created was used as the basis for this Magento Security Best Practices Guide.

Current Version: https://magento.com/security/best-practices/security-best-practices


  • Piotr Kaminski
  • Anna Völkl
  • Willem de Groot
  • Robert Mangiafico
  • Roman Tsiupa

Used Magento 1 EE as a content management backend using uDropship's suite of extensions. Included...

  • Expansion of the vendor model to include multiple addresses, store hours, various flags, multiple images, etc.
  • Vendor portal to let vendors verify product ownership, manage products, etc.
  • Elasticsearch integration to index vendor data
  • Amazon S3 image integration
Custom cart migration 6 years ago

Migrated a custom RoR cart with MongoDB to Magento 1 CE. Included

  • Catalog, order, and customer migration
  • Overhauling Mage modules
  • Creating custom modules
  • ERP integration
  • etc.

Extension that installs Facebook Pixel on Magento Stores. The extension uses Magento observers to track the events accurately.

Custom Extension development for Hivewyre.com. The Extension was developed for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Custom online service to probate a will online. The project uses Magento 1.9 as the backend. Most of the customizations were made through a custom extension developed for the project purposes.

Online store with custom graphic design and complex Magento configurations. Magento Multi-Store Installation with 3 different stores, themes and extensions.

I make eCommerce website using Magento 2

Xposebd 4 years ago
Glamours BD 4 years ago

Fashion House

Little Crafty Bugs 4 years ago

This module integrates Valutec's giftcard service with Magento. A giftcard prompt is available during checkout and applies funds as a discount to the order.

Gives customer the option to save their credit card (tokenized) for future use when using the ChargeLogic payment method.

MageScan 6 years ago

A tool to check your Magento site for common security flaws.

SuperKoszyk 6 years ago

Project created from scratch in my current work. I was a Team Leader from the beginning. Lots of customization and automations. Store integrated with ERP system, shipping system.

Mohito 8 years ago

I was involved in building a store for one of the biggest clothes company in Poland called LPP. I was responsible for the layout setting in Magento Enterprise.

SinSay 8 years ago

I was involved in building a store for one of the biggest clothes company in Poland called LPP. I was responsible for the layout setting in Magento Enterprise.

The client requested to switch from a catalogue just showing the products, to a possibility to also order the products posted on the website. The webshop had to obey to lots of rules, which didn't really exist. Prices for products could fluctuate on a daily basis, but regular clients were also able to get unique discounts on products.

Recently this shop got a speed optimization, making it 700% faster, with pages going from a 1400ms load time to <200ms load time.

For the clients I built a heavily customized Magento webshop, which allows to create package deals on the fly, automatically orders products in the supplier's backend and contains a smart way of calculating and selecting the possible delivery date of ordered products.

I wrote full module for the integration with ERP system called Polka. The flow of data based on the XML files.