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BeliFurniture.com is an online ecommerce selling Furnitures across Indonesia. They are located in Tangerang, Indonesia, but ship all across the country. Their mission is to put give the best price to consumer through transparent pricing for their products. BeliFurniture team come to us looking for ways to improve their current Magento store. They need a mobile friendly design to cater for the notable 35% visitor from mobile to the site.

They also want us to do an estimate of shipping cost of their products to all cities in Indonesia. Shipping furniture require a cargo company not the standard mail delivery so this is a new challenge for us.

BungaNusantara.com is a flower online seller that serve many major cities in Indonesia. They have hundreds of florist partners across Indonesia. The interesting part is that they cater more to corporate than individuals. The majority of their sales are what they call ‘flower board’ which is sent to many events to formally express happiness, happy wedding, and sympathy. They want to upgrade the look of the site, but their main pain points is the checkout process that usually works for normal e-commerce process couldn’t work for them. To send a flower, a person need to enter the following:

Message, name of recipient, address of recipient, phone number of recipient, time of delivery Name of Sender, Phone number of sender Name of the buyer of the flower and their email. The amount of information that is needed confuses many users. They need a streamlined process that made it clear who and what is the information for.

Rotoki.com is a new website selling all kinds of industrial machinery. They want a simple E-commerce website done right and fast. Shipping needs to use custom courier with a mix of free shipping on certain cities. They also need a bank transfer with payment confirmation method.

Rotoki.com is built using Magento 2, with a premium theme. It allows for super fast delivery. The entire site is done in just 2 weeks. There are a few conflicts with other extensions, but it doesn’t take that long.

Amstur.com is one of the leading Caviar brands located in United Arab Emirates (UAE). They need a customized product detail page and checkout experience that reflects the luxurious feel of the brand.

Their Caviar products are sold in different weight, with varying price points. It would be confusing for users if each weight is sold in as a separate product. The solution is to use bundled product with different price points and customized the view so it looks like one single product with different prices when you click on the weights of the products.

Users also have the options to add gift box, which will add a fixed fee into the product. After you add the product to cart, you can ‘Add Personalized Message’, where you can see a convenient editor with a preview left side of the text box. The handwriting text is generated using a handwriting like font. We have to make sure padding works well especially for messages with many characters on it.

WALEPAY (APP) 2 years ago

Walepay is an E-Wallet company that uses QR technology as a payment tool for every kind of transaction. ​ Their vision is to create Indonesia’s cashless society.

And their mission is to Educate Indonesian’s people to use Mobile Payment as a tool to answer their daily needs.

Just like the website, they want a simple design for their mobile app. So we redesign a pre-made theme and then customize it based on their needs. Mostly it dominated by white and blue colors. The navigation also made to be as simple as possible.

This is one of the most important and the main feature that should exist in the Walepay mobile app. We took advantage of the native feature in Android and iOS for this part. With QR scan, users can pay for their purchase, or scan their friend’s QR code to accept or send money with their smartphone.