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Working with Bolt to help develop their Magento 1 and 2 extension. I also work with dozens of merchants to install and integrate the extension on their stores. Due to the number of integration points and 3rd party systems involved with payments, the extension often requires several customizations for large stores (e.g. cart/checkout modification, store credit, gift cards, specialized shipping methods, etc).

The Packaging Group 1 year ago

Created a Magento Commerce Cloud website that provides bulk product pricing for both B2B and B2C customers. Developed a complex grid system to allow displaying large numbers of products with different product attributes in a way that is compelling for customers. Connected with Akeneo's PIM solution and customized the integration to allow seamless product syncing that also updated things that aren't typically integrated like custom UOMs. Dozens of other customizations, but those mentioned are the major pieces.

Head Covers 1 year ago

Head Covers needed to upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Completed Upgrade and handle continuous site maintenance. Due to a bug in Magento core related to massive numbers of custom options on pages, their site was loading some product pages in 35s or more. Resolved several issues like this although optimization is ongoing.

Built the invisiblefence.com site from scratch and connected it with Invisible Fence's internal custom ERP system. This site includes a lot of complexity as they have nearly 300 dealers, which are each tied to one of 12 distributors. Each dealer can have their own website, online store, pricing, promotions, products, payment gateways, schedulers, content management system, etc. Created a portal for dealers, so they could manage both their subdomain sites as well as their dealer stores. Set up dozens of goal trackers to help them optimize conversion rate as the site generates nearly all of their new customer acquisition across all dealers.

Laser Etch Me 4 years ago

Laser Etch Me is a laser etching company that prints custom designs on metal drinking bottles. They needed a custom system that would allow a user to upload images, manipulate those images and finally rasterize those images for print. They also needed to allow the design of monograms and custom fonts. These are then saved and the order completed. All information related to the design is saved into the admin interface so they can be printed onto bottles and shipped to customers.

Lather Hotel 1 year ago

Lather Hotel needed to upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Upgraded and built several custom extensions to support their reporting needs, B2B sales pages, ERP integration, etc.

Texas Precious Metals sells precious metals, so they have very high average order values. They needed help building a solution for orders that were greater than $10K so they could take direct payment instead of paying high credit card fees. Built a custom integration with Dwolla to allow customers to create a profile, connect their bank account, verify micro transactions to confirm their bank account, and ultimately use this payment method during checkout.

Texas Precious Metals has a unique offering due to their sale of precious metals where the price changes constantly and the average order value is high. Built a solution that updates pricing every minute but allows a customer to "lock in" pricing for 10 minutes once they add to cart. Created a fully custom checkout solution that includes a price timer, custom shipping to multiple depositories (Cayman Islands, etc), custom pricing discounts if customer doesn't choose credit card payment, down payment for non-credit card payments (e.g. cash, check, etc), and several other modifications.

Built a highly customizable grouped product grid layout that allows for filtering, pricing tiers, grouping rows with the same value, units of measure, sorting, adding to cart, responsive layout, prioritized column hiding (based on screen width and importance of the column), customer group pricing, etc.