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IntegerNet_Solr 6 months ago

Continuously working on the IntegerNet_Solr search extension for Magento 1 and Magento 2.

Link goes to the FREE version on Github with improved catalog search with Solr. More info on the PRO version with additional features: https://www.integer-net.com/solr-magento/

Magebot 2 months ago

A Magento 2 integration of the botman chatbot framework.

AvS_FastSimpleImport 5 years ago

An OpenSource tool for importing products, category and customers fast and easily. It uses the core Mage_ImportExport functionality and adds new features on top, like importing categories and bundle products. It is often used as a base for custom importers.

German title: "Von zweien, die auszogen eine Extension zu portieren" (The Story of Two Developers Who Went Forth to Port an Extension)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laztZEfXTQw (German)

Recorded online session about refactoring to framework independent code.

Feedback: joind.in

Click "Visit Site" to buy the video and get access to exclusive bonus material.

This one-day training, organized by FireGento, was led by Magento Certified Developer Andreas von Studnitz, co-founder of integer_net. Besides being an experienced Magento 1 and (slighly less experienced) Magento 2 developer, he has also been a Magento trainer for many years.

The training was designed for (more or less) experienced Magento 1 developers who want to get a kick-start into developing with Magento 2.

Topics included:

Directory Structure of Magento 2
Module Structure
Dependency Injection - Basics
Exchanging Classes by Preferences
Injecting Code by Plugins
Events / ObserversMagento Certified Developer
Setup Scripts
Frontend Basics
Development Best Practice

Stolen customer data, unreachable shops, blackmailings - there is a long list of possible attacks on Magento shops. Andreas von Studnitz, doing Magento shops since 2008, talks about successful and attempted attacks, about security vulnerabilities and other risks. Learn what you as a shop manager can and should do to protect your shop against attacks of all kinds.

Every two months there is the Magento meetup in Aachen, Germany. If you would like to attend or offer a talk, let us know. I can especially recommend our annual Christmas edition with mulled wine and a visit at Aachen Christmas Market.

Magento Admin Training 2 months ago

Trainings can be especially challenging with a heterogeneous audience. For Stämpfli I have repeatedly provided trainings for project managers, sales and customer support employees to help them with their daily work in a digital agency.

Embracing Change 1 year ago

Whether we want it or not, we all change. In 2015, I’ve changed a lot – in my life and myself. I moved (about 500 km), left behind my family and friends, started working at a different company and changed my day-to-day work tasks. I also changed my hobbies. I have a few tips how to make changes easier for yourself.