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Ketto Design 6 years ago

Ketto is a Quebec-based company created by two people with a common desire: to joyfully challenge the mundane by adding colour to everyday life!

WLKN 6 years ago

WLKN owns a wide range of streetwear clothing brands, footwear and accessories as NKLS, Adidas, Vans, Herschel Supply and Mitchell & Ness.

La Fricote 6 years ago

La Fricote is fresh meats and marinades delivered right to your door. It’s also inspiring recipes and delicious meal ideas for every occasion.

This meetup was about optimizing performance in Magento using best development practices. I also talked about bad practices to avoid when developing for Magento and tools to know about when it comes to fine-tuning Magento's performance and analyzing bottlenecks. Finally, a case study was shown as an example of a successful performance optimization.

In this meetup, we looked at how KnockoutJS was used throughout Magento 2, and how to develop our own widgets and modules using KnockoutJS.