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Magento 2 Save Cart Pro Extension by MageComp allows customers to save their shopping cart for the next purchase or to duplicate previous orders. This whole process saves time and provides direct purchase and thus improves their shopping experience.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Save Cart Pro extension:

• Customers can add products to their cart & click “Save My Cart” button to save it for later purchase. • Customers can also provide a unique name to cart. • Customers can see all the saved cart under the “My Account” section. • For the next purchase, customers can simply modify or directly add selected product carts. • If the quantity of products while updating cart exceed inventory, it shows error message. • Option for Customers to edit and delete saved carts from their "My Account" section. • Customers can multi select carts and restore them directly from "My Account" section. • Extension is compatible with only simple products, it will not show up "Save My Cart" button if other products than simple is added to cart.

Offently, online payments are not accepted by some of the customers and they prefer to pay cash on delivery. Or many times there are some customers who don't easily trust in some store, especially the newly launched store, for this customer's cash on delivery option could be best for purchasing. Some of the customers might never trust in providing their bank details in that case the Cash on delivery option is best. Therefore for tackling all this situation and boosting your store sales MageComp is here with Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Suite extension.

Magento 2 Cash On Delivery Suite helps the online store to provide their customers to select the cash on delivery option for payment. It also helps the store owner to verify COD orders via OTP or eliminating the fake orders. The customers can easily review the COD option is available or not and the additional fees charged for cash on delivery. Featured sandbox testing mode available. Upload the CSV file of postal codes for providing the cash on delivery payment service. The module also helps in showing the approximate delivery time period on the storefront also helps the store owner to send the approximate delivery message to the customer. What are you waiting for? Integrate now and boost your store sales.

MageComp's Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Per Product/Category provides an option of cash on delivery per category and per product in your Magento 2 store.

● Promote your store with Cash on Delivery Payment. ● Enable cash on delivery per product. ● Enable cash on delivery per category.

Mainly Magento 2 offers an inbuilt feature for cash on delivery option but many limitations are noticed and one of that limitation is when you enable that option then all the categories and products are included in providing cash on delivery option. In most of the cases, the merchants do not want to provide cash on delivery options for all products and categories only in some products and categories but the default Magento feature is not able to provide this functionality. Hence, MageComp is out in solving all these queries by launching Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Per Product/Category extension.

Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Per Product/Category module helps the store merchants to provide cash on delivery options per product and per-category specifically. So, after integrating this module the store owner is capable of selecting products and categories they desire to allow cash on delivery payments for those particular products and categories only. The module enables your visitors to view the cash on delivery option on the product page of your storefront. Install the Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Per Product/Category module now and enhance your store sales by providing cash on delivery options for the particular products and categories you desire.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Per Product/Category?

● Push your sales by providing cash on delivery payment. ● Allow cash on delivery options for particular products. ● Allow cash on delivery option only for chosen categories. ● Handle COD products and categories easily. ● Display visitors the cash on delivery option on the product page. ● Promote your sales by allowing the cash on delivery option.

MageComp's Magento 2 Frontend Product Editor extension helps the store admin to access the product page attributes to edit and update directly from the frontend. Admin can Straightaway edit and update your product page via frontend. Now, store owners who require to change the product page content on a daily basis can save time by editing from the frontend directly. The store owner can pick the attributes to edit from the frontend. All the online merchants can save time instead of visiting the backend and edit the product page directly from the frontend. The store admin can pick a customer group to permit editing in case of security. Integrate the module now and edit the product page without visiting the backend.

All the online stores believe the product page attracts the users and that should be perfect without any mistakes. Many times there are mistakes in the product description and the admin needs to edit by visiting the backend and that task sometimes becomes very time-consuming. For some daily used product stores there is a change in the product description every new day and for them editing every day is like wasting time. For editing a bit of content admin has to visit the backend that is very complex if you have to edit every now and then. Solving these problems MageComp presented the Magento 2 Frontend Product Editor extension.

MageComp's Magento 2 Google One Tap Login Extension offers your customers to create or login an account on your website in seconds without filling out the forms. Just click once if you are logged in with google account on your web browser.

88% of visitors don't enter correct information when they fill out the registration form and this will affect the store owner because they can't utilize the information provided in an incorrect manner. Many times customers get frustrated in filling out the registration forms and eliminating shopping. Basically when any visitor is visiting your store and they desire to buy but when they look at the complex registering process then some visitors might close the store without shopping.

To overcome this problem MageComp is out with Magento 2 Google One Tap Login Extension that will offer your customers to create or login an account on your website in seconds without filling out the forms. Just click once if you are logged in with google account on your web browser. Helps in raising your store's signup rate. Visitors can quickly login and register in just one tap. The store admin can also set a skin popup cookie for their website. It effectively helps the stores who have disabled the guest checkout from their store. Integrate now and experience an Increase in customer experience and raise in-store sales.

For More Details: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-google-one-tap-login.html

Integrate Request to Assign Order for Magento 2 by MageComp that allows the users to request the admin for modifying the email address for the order they place and admin can sanction. The store owner can also modify the email address via the admin panel if the user has requested via email or call. Mail is sent for a follow-up to verify the change of email address with the users. Enhanced backend management for reviewing the history of transfers and information of changed email id. The extension is built-in to improve the customer experience of your Magento 2 store.

For More Details: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-request-to-assign-order.html

Store Pickup Extension for Magento 2 enables the customers to select a physical pickup shipping method from the multiple stores available. Integrating the extension will let customers pick up their orders from your store. The seller is relaxed with the shipment process for the orders that have a store pickup shipping method. The admin can effortlessly configure locations for store pickup from the backend. The extension also provides the option to add multiple countries for store pickup. The admin can set a custom title for store pickup and a custom error message if the store pickup option is not available.

For More Details: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-store-pickup.html

E-commerce Mobile App Development Service by MageComp delivers superior mobile apps by understanding the changing market trends to meet your business requirements. Our E-commerce mobile app development offers a robust dashboard, simple checkout, appealing design and smooth navigation.

MageComp's Magento 2 Mobile Login with Email Optional plugin enables the customers to login as well as register with the help of mobile number by utilizing the One Time Password (OTP) facility without entering the email id. With the help of this extension, all the customers are capable of registering, login or forget passwords directly using the mobile number without adding the email id. The admin is capable of restricting the countries for specific countries by selecting their desired countries to enable this functionality directly from the backend. The module is inbuilt with an SMS gateway for sending OTP on the registered mobile number. What are you waiting for? Install Magento 2 Mobile Login with Email Optional and enable your store users to login and register via mobile number without entering the email id.

Basically, when running an online store all your products must have perfect product descriptions to attract and convince the customers to purchase from your website. Many times, there is the possibility that customers will not be convinced by just product descriptions and if you display more than enough images then it will create a negative impact on the customer's mind. In these types of situations, you must provide additional help docs, images, videos, documentation, etc. Some products require a precise warranty and help docs to use the products then it is mandatory for the store owners to provide this addon documentation to their customers. By default, Magento does not provide this functionality therefore to solve this MageComp has launched the Product Attachments module for Magento 2 stores.

MageComp's Magento 2 Product Attachments Extension stores helps the store admin to upload until 10 various product attachments to present in the frontend of the store from which customers can download it accordingly. Using the Product Attachments module, the admin can easily attach downloadable files to the product page on the front end of the store. The module provides a backend grid for the store admin to attach downloadable files. The store merchant is capable of uploading 10 various documents or product attachments per product. The store merchant is also capable of managing the Product Attachments directly from the backend configuration of your store.

What are the benefits of MageComp’s Product Attachment Extension for Magento 2?

  1. Effortlessly install and configure the module in your store.
  2. All the product attachments will be displayed in a different tab on the front end.
  3. Store owners can upload up to 10 various product attachments to display.
  4. Admin can easily upload attachments via the backend grid of the store.
  5. Enhanced backend management settings to manage accepted types of extensions.

For More Details: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-product-attachments.html

Magento 2 Aramex Shipping Integration extension enables the admin to accomplish the order smoothly by synchronizing the order information of your Magento 2 store with the Aramex shipping.

Sited in the UAE, Aramex is the top supplier of custom-made logistics solutions, shipment, and transportation services and is providing shipping services around the globe. Entrusted by millions of people worldwide, the Aramex is the quickest and trustworthy shipping provider their shipping charges differ as per the weight of the product and the country you are in.

Aramex Shipping Integration extension for Magento 2 stores by MageComp enables the admin to readily accomplish their orders with minimal effort. With the help of the Aramex Shipping Integration extension, all the data of order such as product name, pricing, description, order ID, payment method, the shipping address will be synchronized with Aramex. The admin is also capable of setting a fixed time and the syncing will start automatically at that particular set time.

Nowadays, WhatsApp stood first when it comes to content sharing with friends and family. So, it is an opportunity for business to get more traffic and grow existing revenue by allowing customers to share the product. MageComp has come up with Magento WhatsApp Share extension that allows your customers to easily share the product along with product details and price. The Extension will display WhatsApp share button on the product page as well as category page to encourage customers to share a product they loved.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Tier Price extension: • Extension let customer share various product details like name, description, price and URL. • Compatible with both WhatsApp and web. • Option to enable WhatsApp button on category as well as product page. • You can even set WhatsApp share button for all categories. • Admin can set custom label for name, description, price and discount. • Choice to define text length for product description. • Backend option to set different button size like small, medium and large. • Admin can set custom message to share along with product details. • You can even enable option of sending coupon code along with product details. • You can use bitly API for shortening URL. • Admin can set UTM tracking code to analyze traffic gathered by sharing. • Supports almost all mobile devices.

Magento 2 Email Quote Pro extension by MageComp, store owners can get the product requirements from customers, prepare the products accordingly and send the order quotes in an Email back to customers. Thus, the extension reduces the time to understand the custom requirements of the customers, makes a significant impact on them, provides better shopping experience.

Why Choose Email Quote Pro extension by MageComp:

  1. Set button label for the Email Quote in frontend.
  2. Set Email ID on which admin wants to get quote and select template to get customers’ product cart into Email.
  3. Customers can select custom options, quantity and click on button to fill the details and Email Quote to admin.
  4. Once submitted by customers, admin gets the whole cart with selected product options in Email and also the details get saved in backend in a separate grid.
  5. Customers receive thanks Email immediately after submitting a quote from the frontend.
  6. Create order with products from backend and send order quotes in Emails to customers.
  7. Admin can also apply coupon code directly while creating quotes from backend.
  8. Admin can make use of the custom price feature while creating quote from backend.
  9. Customers get Emails with the products already added to cart and they can directly checkout to place the order.
  10. Option for admin to edit created Email Quotes from backend and send them back to the customers from a separate grid named "Email Quote Statistics".

Magento 2 Reviews Import Extension by MageComp let store owner import bulk product reviews for Multiple store products by uploading CSV file to store backend.

Reviews are an important factor for Business to build trust and credibility and nowadays customer are likely to read the reviews before ordering a product. Having tons of products inside Magento store become a more cumbersome task to add multiple reviews to the respective product.

Magento Reviews Import Extension by MageComp helps store owner to quickly import bulk product reviews by uploading CSV file from the backend. You can also export product reviews if needed. Moreover, you can import product reviews for more than one product by specifying customer name, review title and detailed review in the CSV file.

For More Details: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-reviews-import.html

Magento 2 Facebook Shop helps in transforming your Facebook into shoppable Facebook. The module helps in integrating your store with Facebook by syncing all your products automatically. Straightforward integration and easy to use even if you're a non-technical person. Grow your store sales by selling on Facebook and managing it perfectly. The module is eventually designed for medium and small ranged sellers who are lacking to sell their products. Now they can directly sell on Facebook by tagging the products in their feeds and stories. The module equally helps in increasing the user experience and improving store sales. Are you still thinking? Integrate Magento 2 Facebook Shop in your Magento 2 store and boost up your store sales.

Magento 2 Subcategories Slider extension by MageComp helps your customers to navigate smoothly by presenting a slide view of subcategories in the category page on the frontend of your Magento 2 store.

  1. Enhanced presentation of subcategories on the category page.
  2. Flourish your subcategories with slide layout options.
  3. Pick the desired product subcategories to display on the category page.
  4. Engage your users and boost the user experience of your store.

Magento 2 Subcategories Slider module by MageComp enables your visitors by presenting the subcategories in the slide view layout on the category page of your Magento storefront. The module enables your consumers by navigating smoothly in your Magento 2 store. The store owner is capable of selecting the subcategories that they desire to display on the parent category. Engage your consumers and boost your store's user experience. Admin can easily customize their slider by selecting their appropriate background color and font color based on their store theme. Captivate your user's interest by featuring the product subcategories in the slider. Boost your store sales by providing better navigation on the frontend of your store.

Magento 2 Restrict Payment Based on Shipping helps the store owners to restrict the customers to use the payment method on the basis of choosing a shipping method.

In this digitally trending world, online payments are evolved the most. With the increase in online payments, there are many payment options out there in the market. When it comes to an E-commerce store payment is the main primary focus to take care of. Customers should always feel secure when they perform the payment process. Any E-commerce store must offer more than 3 payment options on their store. It helps the customers to select their desired payment option according to their convenience.

Many times there are requirements for Magento 2 store owners to restrict their customers to permit in paying via specific payment option on basis of shipping. In that case, integrate Restrict Payment Based on Shipping extension into your Magento 2 store that helps the store owners to restrict the customers to use the payment method on the basis of choosing a shipping method. The extension helps when the store merchant requires to restrict the customer for payment on any particular shipping method selection. It helps in increasing the fertility of the payment approach. Embellish your Magento 2 store payment system.

Boost the backend process of your store with Magento 2 Quick Cache and Reindex module that is capable of flushing cache and reindexing the Magento 2 store from any backend page of the store in just one tap without running codes in the console.

Magento is considered as one of the best platforms for any online store. One of the main reasons for this is the effortless and user-friendly admin panel of Magento 2. It helps the store merchants to perform updates/changes without taking the help of the developer. Any non-technical person can seamlessly update the changes of the Magento 2 store. In this case, the main casualties faced by all the store owners is the Cache Management and Reindexing the Magento 2 Store. This process is very complicated and one has to come through the process of implementing the commands in the console. To solve this problem MageComp is out with Quick Cache and Reindex extension for Magento 2 Stores.

Magento 2 Quick Cache and Reindex module is capable of flushing cache and reindexing the store from any backend page of the store in just one tap without running codes in the console. There is no requirement of implementing the codes in the command line for reindexing and flushing the cache. You can directly flush the cache and reindex your Magento 2 store from any page of your admin dashboard by just one click. Uplift your store admin performance and get improved productivity. Integrate FREE Magento 2 Quick Cache and Reindex extension to improve the admin productivity of your store.

When managing Magento 2 store the main focus of any store owner is the customers should never experience inconvenience in shopping. In this focus whole store functionalities include such as product content, product pictures, payment methods, and much more. When preparing this the important points to focus on is the shipping. In the process of shipping when the product is shipped until received by the customers is very important. So to provide top-notch shipping options to your customers is the responsibility of the store owner. This can be achieved by installing the Free extension provided by MageComp.

Magento 2 Shipping Restriction extension by MageComp is capable of enabling the store admin to hide all different shipping alternatives while the free shipping mode is possible. Shipping restriction is very important for providing top-notch customer experience because it helps in selecting the shipping method more precisely by your customers. Eventually, it will help you to improve your store's shipping options. If you are hunt in some more features and functionalities then contact now for more customization our professional developers are ready to help you out.

Spammers and bots are very annoying for all. In this digitally amending technology Spammers and bots are also upgrades and the outdated techniques are not anymore helpful for securing your Magento 2 Store. And as we all know the security of the store is first priority of the store owner to take care of. Because if the customer will feel insecure in your store then they will never use your store to purchase any product. hCaptcha latest secure technology launched recently and it is equivalent to reCaptcha. Using this MageComp developed hCaptcha Extension for Magento 2 store.

MageComp's Magento 2 hCaptcha Extension is capable of securing your Magento 2 store from spammers and bots. It includes out of sight hCaptcha for improving the customer experience and uplift's your store performance. It includes invisible hCaptcha as well as visible hCaptcha. The Magento merchant can add the hCaptcha in various webpages of their store and that includes the backend of the store also. The store owner also has the option to add the hCaptcha according to the color of their theme. hCaptcha offers a dark and light theme. It is also available in different sizes that fit perfectly in your Magento 2 store. Improve the store's security from spammers and bots.

Clave Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2 offers receiving secured payment from customers using the redirect payment method. The admin can set a custom title for the payment option to display on the storefront to their customers. The extension also offers the backend option to restrict the use of the Clave Payment method for specific countries. To test the functionality, the extension includes a built-in sandbox testing tool. The admin can set order status based on the payment option directly from the backend.

For More Details Checkout: https://magecomp.com/magento-2-clave-payment.html

Adding extra product charges by making product pricy seriously results in bad impression and more cart abandons. Store owners sometimes have to charge product fee for customization, product insurance, extended warranty, gift wraps etc. Passing these charges directly to customers is the most trustworthy and effective way. MageComp has come up with Magento 2 Product Surcharge that allows applying product surcharge on orders in a transparent way without increasing product prices. The extension facilitates to set up similar or different product surcharge on multiple products.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Product Surcharge extension:

• Option to enable extension from backend.

• You can add up to 2 types of product surcharges from admin backend.

• Facility to show custom label for product surcharge.

• Admin can upload CSV file to apply various surcharge fees to multiple products.

• All the products surcharge will automatically add to order subtotal of checkout page, Order page, Email and PDF’s that are generated by Magento.

• Option to apply surcharge in fixed amount, percentage or combined as per your need.

Sometimes, there is a need to restrict not logged in customers to some pages of the website. Also, for the privacy of the store, you do not want visitors to have access to some pages. It also helps in retaining customers for a longer period of time. For this reason, there arrives a need for force login for not logged-in customers in Magento 2.

Force Login Extension for Magento 2 permits the admin to limit access to the not logged in customers. The admin can display the custom message for restriction of the access. The category pages and other CMS pages can be selected from the backend for force login. Enabling the option only to the members of the store helps to keep the privacy of the store from the B2B business. Straightforward backend management to redirect customers to the login page with a custom URL and restrict the current page.

For any online store, order management and order processing are very important to build better relationships with the customers and gain trust. The owners face many problems to manage orders and maintain the order related database. To keep the order details secure, store owners keep on changing the order number.

Default Magento 2 provides a facility to manage order numbers. What if you want a custom order string to handle orders of your store? Custom Order Number Extension for Magento 2 allows users to set a custom format for order numbers. With custom order numbers the store owner can effortlessly manage their databases. The admin can set prefix and postfix for the order numbers. The module permits the store owners to set custom order numbers for the invoice, shipment, order, and credit memo IDs. It becomes easy for store owners to easily identify the orders and difficult for customers and competitors thus providing the security of order details.

People are sometimes frightened of online buying due to frauds and cheats. Providing clear and transparent documents of their purchase can help customers to trust you. Large companies are already providing standard billing documents to their customers. The question arises for small and medium scale companies. They are still finding the right procedure to build the trust of the customers.

MageComp has come up with Download Invoice PDF Extension for Magento 2. The extension allows the admin to generate invoices from the store backend. The customers are able to download invoice PDF from their My Orders section in the store frontend. The download can be carried out at any time the customer desires. Integrating the extension helps in minimizing the repetitive task of generating PDF. Enhance customer experience with download invoice PDF extension and increase brand awareness.

Magento 2 Custom Options with Weight Extension by MageComp helps your store customers to select their desired custom options for product weight to boost the user experience of the store.

With MageComp’s Custom Options with Weight Extension for Magento 2, the store admin is able to display custom options for products on the store frontend. Also, the admin is eligible to set the charges of various custom options. With the help of SKU, the admin can get all the product details automatically, thus saving the time incorporated for fetching the product details. Better not waste your time and integrate Custom Options with Weight for Magento 2 now and complete your customer needs.

Basically, when there is any online store owner selling custom products where the calculation is required on the basis of mathematical formula and the calculation depends on the input entered by the customer and by default Magento 2 does not provide this functionality. Most probably all these products are sold based on the square foot and are unable to calculate the exact rate of these products. Therefore, to diminish all difficulties for the Magento 2 store owners MageComp has launched Magento 2 Price Calculator Extension.

MageComp's Price Calculator Extension for Magento 2 helps the store owners to calculate the price of products by a mathematical formula on the basis of particular measurements entered by the customers in length and width. The store admin can effortlessly enter the fixed base rate of the product straightaway from the backend. Similarly, from the storefront customers can add their required measurements and on that basis, the calculation of that customized product will be calculated.

Most probably there is more than 70% shopping cart abandonment rate in any e-commerce store that elaborates that from 10 customers approximately 7 customers leave their carts without purchasing a single product which they have chosen or picked. Mainly there is very little chance for this type of customers to visit again and continue with the purchase of their chosen products. Hence due to these difficulties, all the online store owners were having huge losses in their businesses. To help all the online store owners from this difficulty MageComp has launched Abandoned Cart Suite Extension for Magento 2 stores.

Abandoned Cart Suite extension for Magento 2 by MageComp helps the store owner to remind/recall the abandoned/neglected carts of their customers by offering discount vouchers via sending Emails, SMS or WhatsApp Notifications. Using the Abandoned Cart extension the store owner can effortlessly send reminders to their store customers who have neglected purchasing their selected products in the cart of your store. The store owner can increase CTR by sending discount vouchers via email, SMS, or WhatsApp notification. Store owners can easily customize the email templates as per their desire. There is also a featured section to resend emails at particular time periods. The extension helps the store owner to display the featured popup on the cart page for sending the discount vouchers to the customers. The store owner can also create short and noticeable links from the backend of the store.

MageComp introduced CCAvenue Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2 stores that allows the store owner to receive the payment from their store customers with different payment methods such as Debit Card, Net Banking, bank transfer, Credit Card, etc. The admin is capable of setting the custom title for payment to display on the frontend of the store. Admin can choose particular countries to restrict for paying using this payment option. CCAvenue Payment Gateway Extension possesses sandbox testing mode for testing functionality. The admin is also able to set and designate the order status based on the payment status.

MageComp's Notification Bar Pro Extension for Magento 2 stores allows the store merchant to show engaging promo bars and notifications on the top of the website to attract the store visitors and uplift the sales rate of the store. Admin can feature discounts and deals on the top/bottom of your Magento 2 store. With the help of WYSIWYG, the editor admin is capable of editing the content of the notification bar as per their requirement. The store owner can modify background color, font color and font size as per their requirement from the backend of the store. One can also schedule the promo bars by adding the starting date as well as the ending date. To display all the offers add relevant time for swiping the bar. Custom title functionality to recognize the notification bars.

The Magento 2 Maintenance Page extension by MageComp permits the merchant to create a customized page for the shoppers and it will be used to show them when your website is under maintenance, update or there is an upcoming product.

At times when the website is about to set up a new theme or a new extension is aligned or there is an upgrade in the Magento version or there is a minor bug fixing, then the store owner requires the website to get under maintenance for some time. So, in that case, directly showing a blank page that the website is under maintenance mode, doesn’t look appealing to the customer and your store might end up losing its customer base.

So, instead of showing a blank sluggish maintenance page, you can show an informative and visually presentable maintenance and coming soon page on your website. To meet this requirement, MageComp has launched an all-new Maintenance Page Extension for Magento 2.

This extension comes with creating a customized page when your site is under maintenance mode and drawing the attention of the customers. Also, inform the customers when the site is back to work by sending them an email message. This extension gets along the countdown timer to display the users when the site will be ready. With just one command, the admin can enable or disable the maintenance mode. The users can easily subscribe in order to get the notification when the website is back in business. By using this extension, the admin can easily modify the coming soon page as per their requirements. The admin is also capable of appending social channel buttons in order to stay in contact with the customers.

Magento 2 Hreflang Extension by MageComp enables the store owner to make their Magento store multilingual and multiregional and helps in evading the problem of duplicacy of content as it spontaneously creates the hreflang tags and permits the search engines to display appropriate websites to appropriate people.

E-commerce stores are basically started keeping in mind the whole world. They usually target customers from across the globe. Hence, it is significant to make the store in multiple languages. Moreover, multilingual sites come with duplication of content. Search engines do not consider content that is duplicate.

Hence, the Hreflang tags for Magento 2 aids in solving the above problem. The hreflang tags are the ultimate answer to the websites which has duplicate content in several languages. The alternate hreflang tag for Magento 2 is used to display a language that is most relevant to the users.

The Hreflang Language Extension for Magento 2 stores enables you to ameliorate your search engine optimization simply by not writing even a single line of code. You can expect hundreds of customer attractions by the integration of this extension into your Magento 2 store. the retailer can effortlessly add this extension to their home page, product page, CMS page, and category page. By using the Hreflang language extension, the problem of imitated content will be completely resolved and the search engine rankings of your Magento 2 store will skyrocket. So, your store earnings will also escalate to a good extent.

Inventory Sync SOAP API extension for Magento 2 stores helps the admin to sync their inventory and products with numerous Magento 2 installations and manage the product data and supply of all stores consistently.

Inventory management is an important factor for all kinds of businesses and the main cause for some of the failed startups is because of no inventory management. For the stores with an abundant number of products and those who sell on multiple platforms, it becomes a complex task to maintain the inventory. It is clumsy enough to keep the product data latest. Particularly n the quantity of stock when the same product is circulated on numerous platforms. Let’s take an example of the same. Suppose the customer has placed an order at one platform and if you haven’t updated the quantity of that particular product, then the order will be placed without you having the stock.

Hence, to completely eradicate this problem, MageComp has come up with Inventory Sync SOAP API for Magento 2 stores and to smoothen your inventory management. With this extension, you can spontaneously sync the product and product data by using SKU from the backend. If you have more than one Magento installation, then also the stock quantities will be updated automatically. The SOAP API is used which expeditiously syncs the whole product data. This means that if there is an update in the product at one channel, then automatically that particular product will be updated in all the other channels with all the data including name, pricing, description, and also the media. The admin can easily set the frequency and the start time of the inventory sync from the backend. The extension also comes with syncing of simple products and configurable products.

Millions of CAPTCHA’s are solved daily, that's why to reduce human efforts google has designed new invisible reCAPTCHA that helps website to automatically identify whether the visitor is user or bot. This new Invisible reCAPTCHA Goes easy for humans and hard for bots. When it comes to security, e-commerce store should have acquired such technology that will identify the difference between human and bot without annoying genuine store customers. If it is unable to identify it will serve a bunch of images to solve in suspicious cases. Magento has come up with Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Extension that will help store owners to kick spam out of your Magento store. The extension will help you to secure store from spammy bots by identifying human store visitors. The extension must required JavaScript-enabled browsers to work with. Why choose MageComp’s Magento Order Tracking Extension: • You can Enable Google reCAPTCHA on following Magento pages:

  1. Contact Us page
  2. Customer Registration
  3. Product Review
  4. Forgot Password page
  5. Newsletter Subscription

GDPR is already live now and people are in rush to comply their store with EU law. According to EU rules, now each and every individual have rights to know how business uses their personal data and can make request to remove their personal data. MageComp is back with Magento 2 Delete Account Extension that lets store customer removed their account and erase their personal information just by clicking delete account link from their account section. Using this extension, customers are free to leave store services at any time and removed their personal data quickly without requesting to store owner. This extension will only remove users personal information & account but the order, shipping, invoice information will still remain in store backend also the customer will automatically get unsubscribed from the newsletter.

Magento 2 review reminder extension by MageComp let the store owner send review reminder mail to their customers for serving review after specified days.

Magento Spin And Win 5 years ago

Store owners are always in a hunt for delivering a great user experience using various store activities that will help to enhance store sales. Converting customer throughout small gamification of activities is become helpful to drive more sales using discount coupons. MageComp has come up with Magento Spin and Win Extension will help you to share store coupons using simply awesome Spin and win game. Compared to normal coupon usage, this extension will help you to boost coupon usage up to 10x by "win-win situation". Out of the box, you can change and style all the elements of extension as per your need.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Spin and Win Extension: • User can enable or disable extension from store backend. • You can set custom icon and text to encourage customers, according to your need from backend. • Option to change font color as well as background color. • Automatically creates a separate page along with banner to launch game. • You can customize the popup with title, color, description, background image and button as per your need. • Backend option to customize 8-wheel portion with text, color and coupon code. • Option to send coupon code or rewards via email. • Offer icon will be visible to each and every page to encourage users. • On click of icon, user will get redirected to separate game page where user can open and spin the wheel. • Backend grid option to see user details filled by users.

Generally, E-commerce stores are always trying to increase store sales by reaching more and more new customers. Cash on delivery is considered as the biggest reason for the growth of E-commerce store for the customer who does not believe in online shopping or online payment methods. Sometimes, due to fake and bogus orders Store owner needs face a lot of problems as well as needs to manage operational costs. MageComp has come up with Magento Cash on delivery Extension that will help store owner to verify the customer’s mobile number and remove fake orders from their Magento store. Grab this extension now.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Cash on delivery Verification Extension: • Option to enable an extension from store backend. • Admin can set custom OTP text as well as resend message text from store backend. • The extension uses a MSG91 API to send OTP verification message. • Extension also works for guest checkout method to verify mobile number. • Customer needs to verify once when they select Cash on delivery payment method. • Option to resend OTP is it’s not received at first time.

Magento Tier Price 5 years ago

Store owners sometimes need the requirement to offer discounts on bulk purchase. Magento Tier Price extension by MageComp extends default Magento capabilities of adding tier price and allows showing quantity along with the dynamic price in dropdown on product view page. This concept of showing dynamic pricing helps customers to select quantities set by you. Why choose MageComp’s Magento Tier Price extension: • Option to set tier prices based on website or store view • Set tier pricing based on customers group. • Easily update tier prices in bulk. • You can apply tier price to products regardless of selected options. • Showcase quantity based dynamic pricing in drop down on product page.

Instagram is gaining popularity day by day and magento store owners are in search of various ways to integrate it with Magneto stores. Magento Instagram Connect Pro extension by MageComp provides you a fabulous way to use Instagram images in Magento. You can connect Instagram profile with Magento, fetch images based on hashtags and users, use Instagram page to show images in popup with multiple titles and links and enjoy the benefit of increased traffic and sales.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Instagram Connect Pro extension: • Displays Instagram images and Videos on home page and product page • Disable/enable module for different page type • Shows images/Videos in more view section and product details section of product page. • Displays images/Videos even in product tab section of product page. • You can Specify number of pictures & Videos to be displayed on home page, product page and Instagram page. • Doesn’t require Instagram account authentication to use the extension. • Use hashtags & users to fetch and display images and videos based on selected topic. • You can add multiple Instagram users and hashtags to the list to fetch images/Videos from. • Fetches number of images based on entered usernames or hashtags. • Two different views of Instagram image popup in Instagram page: Title with link or Product Blocks. • Displays navigation in image/videos popup to navigate through various Instagram images. • Option for Auto plays Instagram videos in popup. • Option to show Instagram images and videos in left and right sidebar. • Able to display number of images to show in left and right sidebar. • Option to add UTM tracking code, it can be added to product URLs to better analyze conversions through Instagram extension. • Specify campaign name, medium and source to add UTM tracking URLs to products. • One click to update image list based on set configuration. • Option for approving images before use. • Delete approved images and save them back to new images section. • Add or edit image related information like title, link from Approved Images Manager. • Set Link image titles to redirect visitors to a particular page. • Drag & drop pins on images from backend to automatically set top and left positions and show hotspots on frontend. • Set a unique product ID to each hotspot to redirect users to particular product & encourage them purchase. • Users can filter Instagram images and videos on frontend based on usernames or hashtags. • Option to show Instagram profile URL in popup on frontend. • Post media resolution type selection options available • You can even set Caption, likes and comment can be shown along with Instagram images. • Responsive lightbox popup on Instagram page to show images and videos. • Displays hotspots on product image on hover of various titles or product blocks in popup. • Contains Own widget to show Instagram images on any page. • Set tag per product.

Do your customer ever complain about or abandon due to pricey products on your store? If yes, Partial Payment by Magecomp is really what you need. Partial Payment extension allows customers to make down payment, get product and pay remaining amount in one or multiple installments defined by admin. It provides customers the convenience of payment so they are encouraged to buy more at a time.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Partial Payment:

  1. Option to enable Partial Payment for: a. All Products b. Selected Products c. Whole cart
  2. Set to show Partial Payment label on frontend to highlight installment and easy payment facility to customers.
  3. Enable tooltip for customers to better understand the partial payment feature and use it for purchase.
  4. Select payment methods to allow payments for partial payment orders.
  5. Admin can restrict or allow guest checkout from backend.
  6. Admin can apply fees on partial payment orders.
  7. Admin can set first installment amount in percentage and also set number of installments for remaining payment.
  8. Option to set period unit and maximum period for installment payments.
  9. You can set labels for applied fees and remaining amount.
  10. Allows guest checkout with partial payment orders.
  11. Customers can order normal and partial payment products together in a same cart.
  12. Customers pay down payment at the time of purchase and remaining amount in single or multiple installments later as set by admin.
  13. Customers can easily track partial payment status and pay installments from their “My Account” section.
  14. Admin can see and manage all the partial payment orders in a separate grid in backend.

Amazon S3 is one of popular cloud-based services which allows website owners to store their images in the cloud, eliminating the traditional local file system. Cloud computing is instantly changing the way of storing and retrieving data. The benefit of using cloud platforms is not limited to its 24x7 availability of data, but also its scalability and durability that it offers. Using Amazon S3 service makes it possible to use cloud platform for storage of your website’s images to remote server, resulting into fast retrieval. Magento Amazon S3 Extension by MageComp binds Magento with Amazon S3 Servers to store your images by keeping your Magento server free. Using such third party servers, makes store owners free from the stress of maintaining it. Also, the extension works seamlessly with Magento stores, resulting in reducing loading time of the site.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Amazon S3 Extension? • Option to enable or disable this extension. • Magento admin can easily connect to Amazon S3 server to save files on cloud by entering the access key and server region.
• You can easily set server time out if required. • Option to check the availability of bucket by entering the bucket name and Server region.

Magento Indian GST 5 years ago

As Indian government launched Goods & Services tax popularly known as GST – “One Nation One Tax”, whole Ecommerce and online stores are in a hunt to implement GST in stores. If you are thinking to integrate GST in your Magento store, you’re at the right place. MageComp has come up with Magento Indian GST extension to integrate GST to auto create tax rules & calculate tax amount for store products and services. It allows adding GSTIN and shows everywhere with order details. Even it allows customers to add their GSTIN if applicable. The extension is developed aligning with Indian GST standards and norms.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Indian GST extension: • Option to apply GST globally, category specific and product specific. • Add GSTIN to show with order details. • Set product prices either including tax or excluding tax for GST calculation. • Option to set shipping origin to apply IGST. • Customers also can add their GSTIN at checkout if applicable and it shows in each order documents. • Order view, invoice, credit memo, shipment, new order Email and PDFs include GST shown in detail. • Detailed bifurcation of GST showing SGST and CGST in order details separately. • Extension auto calculates SGST, CGST, and IGST & adds to Magento order subtotal.