For Customer: Pick up the expected delivery date and time on the checkout

Pick up Time Slots for delivery Date

Manage Position for Delevery Date

Shipping Address Shipping Method Review & Payments Manage Date Format

mm/dd/yy (ex: 12/05/2020) dd-mm-yy (ex: 05-12-2020) yy-mm-dd (ex: 2020-12-05) Leave additional information/note for the merchant in delivery comment

Responsible lead team to migrate opencart webshop to magento2. Develop B2B extension like Admin can auto login to customer account Develop Reward point extension Develop Nepal based payment extension (esewa, ipay)

This extension help Magento store owner to set pricing rule according to store and total purchanse amount, where as total purchase amount in being calculacted according to complete order status.

This extension allow us to do pay-pal payment with using custom currency and rate

We can do pay-pal payment in magento2 if we have base currency except currency allowed by pay-pal.

for example i have my base currency in NPR. where as pay-pal doesn't allow NRP so we need to do USD in this extension we can set Currency and conversion rate to base currency.

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