The Invoice PDF Generator is one of the most popular extensions for M2 PDF customization.

The project can be found here:,

The Magento 2 Warehouses Store View Inventory can be used now to replace the catalog inventory system. Using this application you can manage stocks faster and have stocks based on a warehouse network. The extension was created using parts of code from a larger development project for a Swiss company that handles large volumes of paper roles.

The project is located here:

We created this module on our first M2 frontend project.

The module can be used to load different themes base on the client device (desktop, tablet, mobile). It uses the template exception system to load a different theme based on the user device. It can also be used to redirect users based on the device they are coming from, for example, if the user comes from a mobile device they can be redirected to another domain.

The project can be found here:

Colorit 600 hours 4 years ago

The site design was made by our designers and branding managers. The old version is used only for mobile. We just start working there. The site features special products, special grouped products loaded by ajax. The concept is 100% EaDesign. Lots of extensions and customization's. ERP integration also. In beta for one week or so.

This is a unique extension which allows you to add unlimited input fields into your store. By using the extension, you can create and add from admin panel custom fields/attributes related to USER, ADDRESS and ORDER, especially to set any additional fields for user at Create Account and Checkout. The extension offers full cover also in admin and API.

The extension will extend the bundle products adding the ability to calculate the prices based on a price matrix. Also the image is reloaded based on the changes.

We add code bars for the products to create labels. For the sales entity's. Added packaging labes with postal code bars. Also added a system for the customer to download all the documents form the account.

The project,, includes the responsive design, more then 20 custom extensions, mobile detect system, mobile and desktop cache and fpc, erp integration, crm integration with vtiger and a tone of custom features. It is a multi store system and includes and 4 more stores with different design.

Colorit,, is a multi store, containing also It has a special product system similar to group products. Also due to the large number of variation it loads the simple product via ajax after the page si loaded. It has 15 other extensions developed by EaDesign.

We created a new product type that can contain multiple other simple and virtual products.

We used some existing translations and added some new stuff and manage to get the pack pretty good in front end and and good for the backed. The project can be found here: 4 years ago is an online store that aims to be Norway's most professional site for consumers in both the private and professional markets. They sell maintenance-free PVC doors and windows with the aim to get the client's order sent directly to the factory, and with an automated packing and distribution, they ensure that the item is delivered directly to the client.

We built a system that calculates the price of the window based on sizes entered by the client. Based on those measurements a technical drawing is generated.

Design Prototype Links:

Desktop: Mobile:

Tools Store 2 years ago

Magento 1 ecommerce project

Magazia lu' costica 2 years ago

An online tools shop created with Magento 2:

  • migrated from Magento 1
  • custom import/exports
  • upgrading to lastest Magento version
  • performance optimizations