Packit came to us wanting to migrate from Magento and to Shopify because they sell mostly on Amazon and are changing their distribution model. We custom built a new Shopify site and migrated all their data to Shopify. We customized the Shopify checkout to point to Amazon for fulfillment

They are very happy with the work and are an ongoing customer for support and maintenance.

FIS had been managing N101's Magento 1.9 and due to the poor development of the previous development agency, the cost of maintaining the current Magento 1.9 was becoming prohibitive. We consulted N101 to either upgrade or move to Shopify and they chose Shopify because their products are all simple and require no configurable or grouped.

33 Threads the parent company of ToeSox and Tavi Nior brands contracted Full Impact Studios (FIS) to maintain their existing Magento 1.9 sites. It was through this ongoing maintenance and support that we discovered there were Magento core code modifications made by the previous development agency. This was causing numerous errors and not allowing a simple patch update.

This prompted the discussion of moving to Magento 2 to save continued maintenance costs.