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Vinai Kopp Sr. Magento Developer, Self-Employed
Heidelberg, Germany
Magento U trainer, Magento Certification Advisory Board member, MCD+, Conference speaker, Magento Master 2016 in the Mentor category.
Anna Völkl Senior Magento Developer, E-CONOMIX GmbH
Linz, Austria
Magento Certified Developer at E-CONOMIX, 6 years experience of Magento development, Speaker, 2x Magento Master 2016 & 2017 (Mentor)
Fabian Schmengler Magento Backend Developer, integer_net
Aachen, Deutschland - Available in 3 months
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Software Engineer, PHP/Magento developer, StackExchange addict, occasional conference speaker. Magento Master 2017 (Mentor). Builder of things, banger of heads.
Andreas von Studnitz Magento Trainer and Consultant, integer_net
Aachen, Deutschland - Available now
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Magento since 2008. Trainer, developer, consultant. Magento Certified Developer and Solution Specialist. I love the Magento community!
Lyon, France - Available now
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Magento Master 2017. MCD / MCFED. 6+ years Magento experience. Full time freelancer. Magento 2 Explorer. Loves challenges & new opportunities.
Sander Mangel Lead Developer, FitForMe
Netherlands - Available in 1 week
Passionate about e-commerce, Magento and coffee. Developer & consultant | co-organizor of @MageStackDay & MeetMagento NL
Fabian Blechschmidt Sr. Magento Developer, Speaker, Fabian Blechschmidt
Berlin, Deutschland
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I am a Magento-developer and passioned about security. Beside that I'll write blog articles and speak on conferences.
Sylvain Rayé Sr. Magento Developer, Diglin GmbH
Zürich, Switzerland - Available in 1 week
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Magento Developer / Solution Specialist certified. Founder of Diglin GmbH in Zurich, a company providing Magento development.
Simon Sprankel Web and Magento Developer, CustomGento
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Magento Certified Developer, Frontend Developer and Solution Specialist. Full-time freelancer. Runs the extension company Modulwerft.
Marius Strajeru Senior Web Developer, Arnia Software
Bucharest, Romania - Available now
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I'm the top dog at - enjoy answering people's questions about Magento, building cool extensions, and presenting.