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Many Extensions and files of courses in github

tutorials resources and events about OroCommerce frontend backend programming , best practices

tutorials resources and events about magento 2 frontend backend programming , best practices

By default when you enter a sku reference in quick bar search of Magento 2 , It displays all the product whose sku is having prefix of entered sku, this extension allow you to fetch only the sku that you use in top bar search .

Custom Order Success Page is a extension for Magento2 that allows you to custom the order success page by showing the order details.

With this extension, the order details like Billing or Shipping Address, Items, Payment and Shipping method are shown on the order success page. it's allows you to display custom HTML text above and below the Order information on the order success page. You can manage all the sections from admin (enable/disable for all sections from admin configuration).

Extension adds Login buttons to order view and customer view in admin. admins can browse the exact customer control panel customers see.

Magento 2 extension Tabs manager is helpful to arrange content into tabs , You are allowed to add unlimited number of dynamic tabs on Magento store . you can Add custom tab to product details with tabs manager .

Module Magento 2 for import reviews ratings table. it's module allows you to import and export your magento 2 reviews and ratings in bulk via csv

This extends Magento2 to accepts money/payments through PayTabs . PayTabs is a Middle East based Payment Gateway

Banners Slider and Carousel in the one Magento 2 extension , you can create banner sliders or carousels place anywhere with location option or with widgets , you will have a tones of options . Magento 2 Owl zBnners and carousel sliders will attract customers right from the very first moments they are on site .

In Magento, one of the most important task is to preview the product view page from backend before it will be online because it is the origin for all displays you would like to show for customers in the front end. Ibnab Create for store owner , extension for preview offline product . just by click on preview link you have the page product view , you see the errors of write or price (correct it and re back to preview), add to cart and start life cycle of buy before you customer , the customer can never access to product before will be online , is totally secure (validate product from backend before launch)

Module Magento 2 for import newsletter subscribers table. it's module allows you to import and export your magento 2 newsletter subscribers in bulk via csv

offline - payment data doesn't leave the website. Examples: Cache on delivery, Check/Money Order, Saved CC.

online - payment data is transferred to 3rd party service. Examples: PayPal Standart,Paypal Express. and 2checkout

Magento 2 extension allows the site owner to create a category that links to an external site,intern page cms , home page or custum internal route

Many Magento users search to change attribute set of product to other targer attribute set ,Now you can use mass function for done this operation just with few click .

Many Magento users prefer to delete the orders rather than canceled, Magento 2 by default does not allow you to delete orders, for that our team Ibnab develop a new extension Magento 2 was able to delete unwanted orders . Our new Extension Magento 2 Delete Order is available and work perfectly , you can select in grid all unwanted orders and use mass delete from top actions

I have built the website ibnab and blog with sulu cms which based on symfony framework full development and integration. I have built Ibnab store with magento to sell magento and oro extensions

PDF Manager is a greate strong tool for create Business documents and manage templates for generated PDF, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices and other.

Deep integrations with Oro Tech (Oro Platform , OroCRM, OroCommerce, DiamndDesk), Easy to use it with technologies based on oro platform , multi extensible bundles which support the features and behaviors of every application by domain.

WooCommerce integration Oro now imports WooCommerce data and able to access some of the data almost immediately and start working with their WooCommerce Merchants gain real value and ROI by using this data to leverage a complete 360° view of the customer, improve customer experience

I Was from the team that accomplish the eshop of orange (magento 1 for telecomunication industry) mission for almost 1 year: Task : Build custom module for backend and frontend side, resolve errors

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