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Auto Currency Switcher extension saves your time & cost while installing your store server to recognize user location on GEO IP. Magento 2 GeoIP Currency Switcher manages all domains and specify domain for particular country.

Key Features of GeoIP Currency Switcher

• Set Currency-Country Relations

• Show Prices in Local Currencies

• Round Off Product Prices

• Set Currency Rates & Symbols

• Ban Currency Switching For Specific URLs

• Update GeoIP Database in the Backend

• Restrict Currency Switching for Specific Countries

Additional Features:

o Open Source 100%

o Quick Installation

o Meet Magento Standards

o Approved by Market Place

o Developed by Certified Magento Developers

Product Labels & Stickers is a feature-rich extension which enables you to add Custom Product

Labels on your product images to show exciting offers. You can add sale, discount &

promotional labels to boost your store conversions. Furthermore, you are free to create

unlimited labels, attach them to product attributes and restrict them by customer groups.

Highlighted Features of Product Labels (1.0.0)

 Add enticing and customizable labels to product images

 Display different text & image labels

 Limit labels by store views and customer groups

 Allow you to add labels on specific products

 Provide options to add multiple labels for product & listing pages

 Improve sales of your online store

 Automate promotions on store

More Features:

 2 Minutes Installation

 Free Lifetime Support

 Free Lifetime Updates

 Extensive Documentation

 Approved by Magento Marketplace

Copy Category Extension allows you to make same copy of your product category and modify it as per your demands. It replicates the category along with its child categories, assigned product & catalog rules.

Key Features of Duplicate Categories (1.0.0)

• Replicate parent & child categories quickly

• Copy categories along with product relations

• Enable you to modify copied categories

• Copy categories using CLI method

More Features:

• Low Price

• 2 Minutes Installation

• Free Support & Updates

• Meet Magento Standards

• Verified by Marketplace

With Magento 2 Gift Card extension, merchants can provide personalized gift vouchers for customers to buy for themselves or send to their relatives & colleagues by email or print. Admin can create unlimited gift cards with fixed or custom pricing. It helps you design a powerful gift cards system for your online Magento 2 store.

Main Features of Gift Card Extension (1.0.0)

 Separate page for listing gift cards

 Create various types of gift vouchers

 Create gift cards price (Fixed, Dropdown or Range)

 Customers can send gift vouchers by email or print

 Provides gift certificates image gallery

 Customers can tailor gift vouchers according to their needs

 Generate coupon code automatically

 Set up expiry dates of gift vouchers

 Boost your store sales

 Offer Discounts

Other Features:

 Easy to Use

 Open Source 100%

 Fast Installation

 Meet Magento Standards

 Developed by Magento Certified Developers

Magento 2 Restrict Payment Method is an advanced extension that empowers you to create payment restrictions to restrict customers. It limits the buyer to use payment options that is not suitable for you to receive cash or can be unsafe to your online business.

This module is very useful for online stores having multiple store views and have various customer segments.

Key Features of Payment Restrictions Pro (1.0.2)

 Limit payment methods for subtotal & product attributes

 Disable any paying option as per condition combination

 Apply limitations on the basis of customer’s billing address

 Restrict payment of any product as per its availability

 Restrict by coupon code & catalog rules

 Setup preferences of each rule

 Boost your store’s productivity

More Features:

 Less in Price

 100% open source

 Efficient working quality

 Multi-Language supported

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