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OpenCart Product Questions module can add FAQs about a product, or product type directly on the specific product page. Admin can decide which FAQs should be made public or private. You can change their privacy and hide them from customers. Admin can easily track custom inquiries and responses. The module is responsive to mobile and large devices.

FME Prestashop top banner module helps to increase the visibility of the product, deal, offer related news product launching dates, price discounts. Prestashop Top Banner Advance Module is easily installed without any compatibility issue. The owner can redirect the user on the desired web pages.

FME Prestashop Mobile app builder enables you to create a professional mobile app for your stores. The owner has don’t need to learn complex code. You can apply the store name only the automobile app builder generate a wonderful app itself. It help to large eCommerce stores boost their revenue by gain traffic from small devices. The app is fully supported by all mobile IOS and android phones.

The Prestashop store pickup module automatically detects the visitor location and displays the nearest store. The owner can display the store on Google Maps for user easiness. Customers can search product, name and addresses. Google Maps Store Locator is an essential tool for a local business image. The owner can attach their website to specific landing pages. The owner can send alerts to the user and specific store as well.

Ecommerce store owners can not display specific product prices. If the user needs price information they can use the contact us form or call for price button. You can customize these forms with attracting font and background color for engaging maximum users. You can create the multiple rules that is attached with specific products and customers. Types. It supports multiple input fields like field type, input type, and input Oder, etc.

FME offers a wonderful module for manages your online and physical stores. It helps to manage all order activities smoothly. Customer can find store on google map. You manage the specific date-time for the delivery of products. The Store pickup Prestashop module managed all store orders by sending email alerts for store pickup orders.

Prestashop store locator module give a usefr friendly interface to customers for finding products on g-maps. The customers have free and easy access to the store by searching on mobile. The customers can order the product by searching with stores, product names, and addresses. The module can detect the customer’s location and show relevant store to them. The google map can be displayed on store multiple places like header footer product pages etc. The module is responsive to mobile devices that help to boost store traffic and sales.

Prestashop mobile app builder help to increase your store traffic by offering a responsive free mobile app. It gives a wonderful shopping experience for customers on their smartphones. The app is fully android and IOS supported. Admin can easily create a mobile app for their eCommerce store by following the few steps. The mobile app helps to increase eCommerce store traffic. The Prestashop mobile app builder is very easy to use.

Prestashop e-commerce store owner can display multiple free popup notification like sales, packages, special offers, etc by using the Prestashop popup notification module. Admin can redirect customers with colorful notification alerts. You can set popup notification on required locations like on products, categories, home or cart page, etc. Admin can customize this with special editors with a specific date range. Prestashop popup notification module is compatible with all store layouts.

Etendons offers an email customizing module that enables you to increase the store traffic. It enables you to generate discounts coupon codes with the auto-email reminder of cart abandonment. All coupon and offer is created for a limited time duration. It support to start large sales that is on pending mode. The reminders can contains text, links, images and videos. Opencart abundant cart module uses to collect information on customers' personal and contact details, cart price, and items, etc.

Prestashop SEO internal linking module helps to increase the store conversion rate by redirecting the visitors to other pages. Internal links have a positive impact on SEO. You can move users on other product pages by creating internal links. Creating links with Seo internal linking module is fast than manual creation. You can create links easily by selecting the keywords and target pages. It supports to create external links on other websites. Prestashop SEO internal linking module is responsive to all devices.

Prestashop quick order table module is useful for manage the bulk orders. Users can order multiple products by entering their name, color, size, and category. It enables you to save multiple resources and times. Users order all products display on separate landing pages. User entered query result display with specific filters. It also supports orders in CSV files. Prestashop quick order table help to increase the store sales and revenue. The quick order table is responsive to mobile devices.

Opencart blog extension enables you to manage your company blog with multiple features. It offers a separate category with multiple features such as images videos and links. You can customize their titles, add Meta information, and insert descriptions with each category. It is a wonderful source of information attractive blog for your e-commerce website to keep users informed about your company news. You can post all types of information according to your requirements. Opencart blog extension is SEO optimized that help to perform well in search engine rankings.

Consumer positive review encourages others to buy products. Customer can freely express their experience on the product landing page. With the opencart customer review plugin, you can approve the customers manually or automatically as well. Customer positive review helps other customers buy the product. Negative feedback for products and services result in losing customers. Customers can add a review by filling the specific input fields such as name, images, email, Number, contact number, and website. Consumer reviews help you during the purchasing process to understand how your product works. Opencart review module is compatible with all website themes.

Opencart offer a wonderful measurement pricing calculator extension it enables you to sell different nature of products. Customers can add the requires amount of product quantity prices will be managed automatically by the extension. The extension calculates product prices with respect to specific measurement units such as length, area, volume, weight, or box. This extension helps you sell products in varying quantities at a price per unit like meters, square feet, liters, Kgs, etc. It helps you to increase product sales supporting multiple measurement units. You can offer a discount on different products, in this way it encourages the customer to buy more products. Opencart price calculator extension is compatible with all website themes.

Shopify Banner App 2 years ago

Promote your brands with a small budget, product awareness is important for generating more business leads. Shopify banner app has a wonderful slider to promote your brands, campaign, product catalogs discount deals and corporate photography on your website. 8 type of slider effect gives an eye catchy look to your customers. Normally slider has 4 to 5 images can be added, Shopify slider has unlimited banner images feature. 8 Multiple styles and plays interval modes and dimensions present your brand in a professional way. Banner position can be set anywhere like home page, categories page, product page or any other CMS pages.

Geoip extensions use for tracking the specific country traffic, block the whole website for irrelevant countries or regions. Millions of visitors redirect with a custom message has no access to visit the site. Opencart default store switcher redirects this whole traffic towards another store. Multiple store lists available on redirect customers can select the desired store manually. You can set redirect priority in both auto and manual. Open cart geoip default store detect the customer location and move them to a specific store. Multiple stores manage with a single store traffic open cart store selector extension is User-friendly and compatible with all website themes.

Ecommerce sites block for some specific countries by detecting ip location automatically. A blocking site is not a good sign for customer attention towards your brand. Blocking is also important for save your site information credential like specific products, categories, CMS pages entire store from blocked users. Open cart geoip An IP address is a number that indicates the physical address of a site visitor’s. Geo-targeting is when you use this address to identify a visitor’s location and then serve up content most relevant to them. Allow relevant region traffic towards the store, irrelevant traffic block and redirect though a custom message.

Data collection is important for product marketing campaigns. Sent product information images offer through SMS, emails and other different channels. Open Cart custom checkout field’s extension enables you to collect and maintain your customer information during the checkout process. Support multiple types of field’s supports various types of fields such as text box, text area, select box, radio buttons, multi-select box, checkbox, date and time. This extension enables you to add new fields in any section of checkout pages such as billing, delivery details, delivery methods, and payment methods. Checkout extension user-friendly interfaces help to generate more sales. Open cart 3 custom fields extension is compatible with all themes.

Open cart Restrict Customer Groups extension used to hide your sensitive data. Multiple rules you can define for customer and products group. Set priorities for new and old customers in the form of different rules. If you want to hide your eCommerce store data from new visitors. Extensions offer open cart customer group’s restriction extension helps you to block any CMS pages for user groups like about us, contact us, manufacturer pages, etc. Open Cart Customer Groups Restrictions Extension is compatible with all website themes. Restriction on products and customer groups set for a specific time duration.

  1. Restrict Customer Groups by: 2.Restrict products & categories from specific customer groups
    3.Restrict shipping & payment methods from specific customer groups
    4.Multiple Rules for various customer groups 5.Display custom message for specific customer groups

Geoip currency & languages module work automatically support to change language and currency according to customer geolocation. It help you to all targeted audience traffic from a specific country or region. Opencart Geoip extension automatically switches the Language and Currency of the store according to the customer’s geo-targeting location. Customer preferred language and extensions compelling customer on more sales orders. The customer always in confusion state in other country language and extension result in low sales. After detecting the location popup notification show on the header for switch language and currency according to customer location. Opencart geoip language extension is compatible with all website themes.

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