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Christian Münch Sr. Magento Developer, netz98 GmbH
 Mainz, Deutschland - Available now
Developer since first beta version of Magento, Creator of n98-magerun, Lead developer at netz98. Open source fan.
 Lyon, France - Available now
MCD / MCFED. 6+ years Magento experience. Full time freelancer. Magento 2 Explorer. Loves challenges & new opportunities.
 Ohio, United States
Magento U Trainer, 4x Magento Certified (MCD, MCD+, MFD, MSS) Developer and Architect for Magento Enterprise Edition 1 & 2 solutions.
Tom Robertshaw Senior Magento Developer, Meanbee
 Bath, United Kingdom - Available now
Ecommerce and Magento expert. Co-founder of Meanbee and Hivemind. Also interested in machine learning particularly with IBM Watson.
 Ireland - Available now
Magento Expert, optimizations, payment integrations, marketing solutions, Magento Certified Developer, Former Magento 2 Developer
Arjen Miedema Magento Developer, MediaCT
 Groningen, Nederland
Magento certified frontend/backend developer, speaker at Magento conferences, addicted to sports like football (the European version), running and cycling
Alessandro Ronchi Magento Developer, Bitbull
 Reggio Emilia, Italia - Available now
I believe in passion, innovation & continuous improvement. Lead Magento developer at Bitbull and #realmagento community contributor.
Adam Paterson Sr. Magento Developer, Meanbee
 Nottingham, United Kingdom - Available now
Certified Magento Developer, working with Magento for 7+ years. Open source enthusiast. Indie game developer.
Damián Culotta Sr. Magento Developer, Freelance
 Coronel Suárez, Argentina - Available now
Certified Magento Developer. Working with the platform since 2008. I like to work on getting simplicity for everyday e-commerce tasks.
Ali Ahmed Magento Consultant, Imagination Media
 Miami, Florida - Available now for 0 hours/week
Ecommmerce Developer and Consultant. 5 Years experience with Magento. Love designing integrated experiences built on Magento.