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 Lyon, France - Available now
Magento Master 2017. MCD / MCFED. 6+ years Magento experience. Full time freelancer. Magento 2 Explorer. Loves challenges & new opportunities.
Christian Münch Sr. Magento Developer, netz98 GmbH
 Mainz, Deutschland - Available now
Developer since first beta version of Magento, Creator of n98-magerun, Lead developer at netz98. Open source fan.
 Ohio, United States
Magento U Trainer, 4x Magento Certified (MCD, MCD+, MFD, MSS) Developer and Architect for Magento Enterprise Edition 1 & 2 solutions.
Tom Robertshaw Senior Magento Developer, Meanbee
 Bath, United Kingdom - Available now
Ecommerce and Magento expert. Co-founder of Meanbee and Hivemind. Also interested in machine learning particularly with IBM Watson.
Max Pronko CTO @ TheIrishStore, Pronko Consulting
 Ireland - Available in 5 days
Magento Certified Developer, former Magento 1 and 2 core member, currently working as CTO @ TheIrishStore. Building Magento 2 websites and extensions
Paras Sood Sr. Magento Developer, Monsoon Consulting
 Dublin, Ireland - Available now
Triple certified senior Magento developer with experience in performance optimization, ERP integration, custom solution architecture, M2
Arjen Miedema Magento Developer, MediaCT
 Groningen, Nederland
Magento certified frontend/backend developer, speaker at Magento conferences, addicted to sports like football (the European version), running and cycling.
Kristof Ringleff The Extension Guy, Fooman
 New Zealand
Founder of Fooman and developing extensions for Magento since 2008. Certified Magento Developer Plus. Magento Master in 2016 and 2017.
Damián Culotta Sr. Magento Developer, Freelance
 Coronel Suárez, Argentina - Available now
Certified Magento Developer. Working with the platform since 2008. I like to work on getting simplicity for everyday e-commerce challenges.
Liyakat Ali Sr. Magento Developer
 Ahmedabad, India
8+ Years of experience in IT industry Responsible for the programming of development and maintenance phase of the project.