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Vinai Kopp Sr. Magento Developer, Self-Employed
Heidelberg, Germany
Magento U trainer, Magento Certification Advisory Board member, MCD+, Conference speaker, Magento Master 2016 in the Mentor category.
Sander Mangel Lead Developer, FitForMe
Netherlands - Available in 1 month
Passionate about e-commerce, Magento and coffee. Developer & consultant | co-organizor of @MageStackDay & MeetMagento NL
Anna Völkl Senior Magento Developer, E-CONOMIX GmbH
Linz, Austria
Magento Certified Developer at E-CONOMIX, 6 years experience of Magento development, Speaker, Magento Master 2016 (Mentor)
Ohio, United States
Magento U Trainer, 4x Magento Certified (MCD, MCD+, MFD, MSS) Developer and Architect for Magento Enterprise Edition 1 & 2 solutions.
David Manners Sr. Magento Developer, Sitewards GmbH
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland - Available in 1 month
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Magento Certified developer at Sitewards. 5 years experience with Magento, 10 in eCommerce. Speaker, thinker, father.
Tom Robertshaw Senior Magento Developer, Meanbee
Bath, United Kingdom - Available now
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Ecommerce and Magento expert. Co-founder of Meanbee and Hivemind. Also interested in machine learning particularly with IBM Watson.
Netherlands - Available now
Certified Magento Developer, 6 years Magento experience, Multiple Magento event speaker, Board game geek.
Marcel Hauri Magento Developer, Stämpfli AG
Bern, Schweiz - Available in 2 days
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Magento Certified Developer and Deputy Team Leader Internet at Stämpfli AG. Conference speaker, passionate about e-commerce and clean code.
Talesh Seeparsan Magento Architect, Bit79
Oakville, Canada - Available in 3 months
When not evangelizing eCommerce security ( Talesh works on helping development teams go from hating Magento to loving it.
Brent Peterson Magento Evangelist , Wagento
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Husband to @susanwagento, Father, Christian, Magento Evangelist, Speaker, Runner, Actually I would love to run full time. Really.