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Vinai Kopp Sr. Magento Developer, Self-Employed
 Heidelberg, Germany
Magento U trainer, Magento Certification Advisory Board member, MCD+, Conference speaker, Magento Master 2016 in the Mentor category.
Anna Völkl Senior Magento Developer, E-CONOMIX GmbH
 Linz, Austria - Available in 4 months
Magento Certified Developer at E-CONOMIX, 6 years experience of Magento development, Speaker, Magento Master 2016 (Mentor)
 Ohio, United States
Magento U Trainer, 4x Magento Certified (MCD, MCD+, MFD, MSS) Developer and Architect for Magento Enterprise Edition 1 & 2 solutions.
Sander Mangel Lead Developer, FitForMe
 Netherlands - Available in 2 months
Passionate about e-commerce, Magento and coffee. Developer & consultant | co-organizor of @MageStackDay & MeetMagento NL
Ivan Chepurnyi Senior Challenge Solver, EcomDev BV
 The Hague, Netherlands - Available in 2 weeks
The one who makes your store fly from the beginning. Magento Developers Mentor & Trainer. Former Magento 1.x core member
 Netherlands - Available now
Certified Magento Developer, 6 years Magento experience, Multiple Magento event speaker, Board game geek.
Rouven Rieker Senior Magento Developer, semaio
 Stuttgart, Deutschland - Available in 1 month
3x Magento Certified Developer. Works for an advertising/brand communication agency during the day, freelances at night.
 Wien, Österreich - Available now
Tech Lead @ LimeSoda. Working with Magento since 2009. Magento Certified Developer, Speaker, Organizer of Magento Meetup Wien.
Marcel Hauri Magento Developer, Stämpfli AG
 Bern, Schweiz
Magento Certified Developer at Stämpfli AG. Conference speaker, passionate about e-commerce and clean code.
David Manners Sr. Magento Developer, Sitewards GmbH
 Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland - Available in 2 months
Magento Certified developer at Sitewards. 5 years experience with Magento, 10 in eCommerce. Speaker, thinker, father.