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Antonio Mansilla Software Architect & Developer, Flagbit GmbH
Karlsruhe, Germany
Software Engineer, Magento & Symfony Developer, DevOps specialist. Zend PHP Engineer and Magento Developer Plus certified.
Joe Constant Sr. Magento Developer, Joe Constant
Boise, Idaho - Available in 5 months for 10 hours/week
Certified Magento Developer PLUS, 9 years Magento experience. Participated in Magento 2 Merchant Beta program. Built a M2 checkout replace and an M2 payment method
James Aindow Magento Architect / Technical Consultant
United Kingdom - Available now for 40 hours/week
A Magento Architect / Technical Consultant with a long history of Magento development (10+ years). 3 x Certified and experienced in M1 & M2
Erik Hansen Lead Software Engineer, Classy Llama
Springfield, Missouri - Available now
I've built scores of sites on Magento since 2008. I've built many core Magento 1/2 features, including the RWD theme and responsive emails.
Jacques Bodin-Hullin Senior PHP & Magento Developer, Monsieur Biz
Paris, France - Available now
Jacques is a PHP developer for 14 years now. He is fully certified on Magento and works on this platform since 2010.
Mathew Beane Director, Systems Engineering, Robofirm
Minneapolis, Minnesota - Available now for 5 hours/week
Magento Master, Zend Z-Team, Devops Engineer. Over 20 years experience as a Systems Engineer and Developer.
Danny Nimmo Developer, Vaimo
London, United Kingdom
Magento developer of 6 years, slight code-formatting perfectionist, have appalling handwriting, ❤️ Docker
David Alger Director of Technology, Classy Llama
Springfield, Missouri
Magento Master 2016, 3x Magento Certified, Zend Certified Engineer, Occasional Conference Speaker, DevOps Engineer, Magento2 Contributor
Óscar Recio Soria Backend Lead Developer, Interactiv4
Madrid, Spain
Certified Magento Developer, +7 years experience PHP & Mysql. Involved in several big projects in Magento.

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