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Michael Türk Executive Ecommerce Consultant, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
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Consulting business in E-Commerce needs, hybrid of business consultant and developer, 4-time Magento certified. Shaped by Magento but not limited to it.
Florinel Chis Magento Consultant, Magendoo
Bucharest, Romania - Available in 1 week
Magento Developer, Ecommerce Consultant, Member of the Board - Ecommerce Europe and EMOTA, over 15 years of experience in e-commerce.
Damián Culotta Sr. Magento Developer, Freelance
Coronel Suárez, Argentina - Available in 1 month
Certified Magento Developer. Working with the platform since 2008. I like to work on getting simplicity for everyday e-commerce challenges.
Jason Tipton Sr. Frontend Developer, Jamersan LLC
Cincinnati, Ohio
A talented frontend developer using HTML5, Responsive Design, and CSS3. Certified Magento Frontend Developer & Solution Specialist and experienced Project Manager.
Branko Ajzele Sr. Magento Developer, Foggyline
Osijek, Croatia
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Software developer, book author, solution specialist, consultant and a team leader. Connect via LinkedIn
Degi Kwag Sr. Magento Developer, SkyAperture
Seoul, South Korea - Available now
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I have been a Magento Developer for more than 5 years. I enjoyed Magento's design and complexity that compensates in its powerful features. I have passion for Magento.
Chris Snedaker Sr Magento Developer
Jensen Beach, Florida - Available now for 10 hours/week
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2x Magento Certified - Developer Plus and Frontend Developer Certifications. Developing with Magento since 2009 and was a Store Owner for over 4 years.
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Ecommerce Architect and owner of Strategery, a web development company. Also Zend PHP Certified Engineer + Magento Certified Developer Plus.
Santhosh P Sr. Magento Backend Developer, Cartin24
Kerala, India - Available now
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Magento Certified Developer, 6+ years experience in Magento website customization and extension development.
Shoaib Rehman Lead Magento Developer, Receptional
Flitwick, United Kingdom - Available in 3 weeks
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Magento Certified Solution Specialist | Magento 2 certified for Magento backend and theme development. MSc Software Engineering from Kingston University, London.