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Lyon, France - Available now
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Magento Master 2017. MCD / MCFED. 6+ years Magento experience. Full time freelancer. Magento 2 Explorer. Loves challenges & new opportunities.
Sander Mangel Lead Developer, FitForMe
Netherlands - Available in 1 week
Passionate about e-commerce, Magento and coffee. Developer & consultant | co-organizor of @MageStackDay & MeetMagento NL
Fabian Blechschmidt Sr. Magento Developer, Speaker, Fabian Blechschmidt
Berlin, Deutschland
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I am a Magento-developer and passioned about security. Beside that I'll write blog articles and speak on conferences.
Marius Strajeru Senior Web Developer, Arnia Software
Bucharest, Romania - Available now
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I'm the top dog at - enjoy answering people's questions about Magento, building cool extensions, and presenting.
Jisse Reitsma Magento Developer and Trainer, Yireo
Soest, Nederland
Developer of ~60 Magento 1 and 2 extensions of Yireo, owner of Yireo, Magento backend/frontend developer trainer, author, Z-Team member, Magento Master Mover 2017
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Certified Magento developer. PHP, Java, JavaScript, Elm. Specialization - testing, performance, scalability, clean code.
Max Pronko CTO @ TheIrishStore, Pronko Consulting
Ireland - Available now
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Magento Certified Developer, former Magento 1 and 2 core member, currently working as CTO @ TheIrishStore. Building Magento 2 websites and extensions
Matthias Walter Senior Magento Developer, netz98 GmbH
Würzburg, Deutschland
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Magento 1 since 2008, Magento 2 since Beta JUN-2015, Focussed on reusable, extensible, maintainable Software Architecture
Adam Moss Programme Lead, Space 48
Manchester, United Kingdom
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I've worked on all kinds of sites with Magento since 2009, mostly as a backend but also as a frontend developer.
Ivan Chepurnyi Senior Challenge Solver, EcomDev BV
The Hague, Netherlands - Available now
The one who makes your store fly from the beginning. Magento Developers Mentor & Trainer. Former Magento 1.x core member