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Branko Ajzele Sr. Magento Developer, Foggyline
Osijek, Croatia
Software developer, book author, solution specialist, consultant and a team leader. Connect via LinkedIn
Kevin Schroeder Magento/PHP Consultant, 10n Software, LLC
Dallas, Texas - Available now for 0 hours/week
I built the Magium Selenium Library. Currently: Load Testing Magento. Zend Certification Board, MagentoU , Former Magento ECG Consultant, MCD+, Former Zend Consultant.
Oleh Kravets Sr. Magento Developer, Flagbit
Карлсруе, Німеччина
I'm a highly skilled Magento Developer who loves working with backend and is not really happy with frontend
Paul Grigoruta Sr. Magento Developer, Rocket Web
Bucharest, Romania - Available now for 20 hours/week
Magento developer since 2010. References always available on request.
Oleksandr Velykzhanin Sr. Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Germany
No description yet
Nicolas Joshua Kohnle Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Being a general web developer before, I started working as a Magento 1 / 2 developer at Flagbit 5 years ago. Prefer Work with Vanilla Javascript, CSS and PHP.
David Paz Senior Backend Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Germany
Software Developer. Fan of client/server application platforms; web and model driven technologies. Source Code Management and Continuous Integration.
Jonas Leonhardt Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
No description yet
Witold Janusik Senior Magento Developer, Hatimeria
Kraków, Poland - Available now for 0 hours/week
Certified Magento Developer plus at Hatimeria LLLP, with 6 years of experience in developing Magento 1.x stores.
Muhammad Idrees Magento Certified Developer, RLTSquare
Lahore, Pakistan - Available now for 200 hours/week
Magento Certified Developer and CEO of Pakistan's leading Magento Agency with 7+ years of experience in the eCommerce space.

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