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Kevin Schroeder Magento/PHP Consultant, 10n Software, LLC
 Dallas, Texas - Available now
I built Magium. Zend Certification Board, MagentoU , Former Magento ECG Consultant, MCD+, Former Zend Consultant.
 Hohen Neuendorf, Deutschland - Available now
Magento developer with over 6 years of experience.. Also builds and manages HA-Infrastructures. Co-founder of Smart-Devs UG
Sean Breeden Magento Developer, Jamersan LLC
 Port Orange, Florida
Magento Certified (4x): Developer, Developer Plus, Frontend, and Solution Specialist. Zend Certified PHP Engineer.
Mark Shust Magento Developer, Mage Inferno
 Cleveland, Ohio
Magento Certified Plus and Zend Certified Engineer. Experienced full stack developer specializing in the Magento platform.
Branko Ajzele Sr. Magento Developer, Foggyline
 Osijek, Croatia
Software developer, book author, solution specialist, consultant and a team leader. Connect via LinkedIn
 Dublin, Ireland
More than 8 years working with web e-commerce and web systems with both front and backend. I am passionate about new trending technologies
Paul Grigoruta Sr. Magento Developer, Rocket Web
 Bucharest, Romania
Worked as a Magento developer and consultant since 2010. Magento Certified Developer Plus and Solution Specialist.
Witold Janusik Senior Magento Developer, Hatimeria
 Kraków, Poland - Available now
Certified Magento Developer plus at Hatimeria LLLP, with 6 years of experience in developing Magento 1.x stores.
 Irvine, California
I specialize in backend dev and sys admin work. Integrations are my thing. I work as fast my code runs.
Joe Nguyen Sr. Magento Developer, Nover
 Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
I am a Sr. Magento Developer with Developer Plus Certificate My linkedin: