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Sean Breeden Magento Developer
Port Orange, Florida
Magento Certified (5x): Developer, Developer Plus, Frontend, Solution Specialist, and M2 Certified Solution Specialist. Zend Certified PHP Engineer.
Branko Ajzele Sr. Magento Developer, Foggyline
Osijek, Croatia
Software developer, book author, solution specialist, consultant and a team leader. Connect via LinkedIn
Kevin Schroeder Magento/PHP Consultant, 10n Software, LLC
Dallas, Texas - Available now for 0 hours/week
I built the Magium Selenium Library. Currently: Load Testing Magento. Zend Certification Board, MagentoU , Former Magento ECG Consultant, MCD+, Former Zend Consultant.
Oleh Kravets Sr. Magento Developer, Flagbit
Карлсруе, Німеччина
I'm a highly skilled Magento Developer who loves working with backend and is not really happy with frontend
Oleksandr Velykzhanin Sr. Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Germany
No description yet
Nicolas Joshua Kohnle Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Being a general web developer before, I started working as a Magento 1 / 2 developer at Flagbit 5 years ago. Prefer Work with Vanilla Javascript, CSS and PHP.
David Paz Senior Backend Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Germany
Software Developer. Fan of client/server application platforms; web and model driven technologies. Source Code Management and Continuous Integration.
Jonas Leonhardt Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
No description yet
Dublin, Ireland
More than 8 years working with web e-commerce and web systems with both front and backend. I am passionate about new trending technologies

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