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Greg Hoole Senior Technical Lead, Robofirm
Boston, Massachusetts - Available now for 20 hours/week
10+ years of Magento Development; extension integration to full builds. M1 and M2. Well versed in ZF, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, OroCommerce
Jaimy Casteleijn Marello & Magento Developer, Madia
Avid fan of learning and creating new things. Keeping curiosity by using Magento and Oro Platform for both professional- and pet projects.
Grégory Planchat Akeneo and Oro developer, Kiboko
Le Puy, France - Available now for 0 hours/week
E-commerce experienced developer, I help you install, configure and interconnect your Oro-based business applications.
Dmytro Makaruk Magento/Symfony Developer, Dima Makaruk
Berlin, Germany
Berlin based php developer with years of experience in Magento(1/2) and OroCommerce development.
Dajve Green Magento Developer, Trespass
United Kingdom
Magento Wrangler since 2010; OroCRM tamer since 2015.
Tom Sonnemans Magento Developer, Madia
Beringe, Nederland
A creator. Widely orientated in the multimedia industry, and passionate about everything that has to do with design.
Joey Masip Romeu Symfony Developer, Madia
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Clean code is my religion. Tireless refactorer! Can't stop thinking about code, except when I'm climbing :)
Falco van der Maden General Manager, Madia
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Ecommerce and Omni-channel enthousiast with a great believe in how longterm partnerships lead to succesfull commerce solutions
Kyiv, Ukraine - Available now for 40 hours/week
Andrew is the founder and Managing Director at MavenEcommerce. His 14+ years of experience in web development allows him to implement any complex solution.

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