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Kris Brown Sr Magento Developer / DevOps Lead, Fortune 200 Merchant
Jersey City, New Jersey - Available now for 15 hours/week
4x Magento 1 Certified Developer. Works for a Fortune 200 company during the day, freelances at night. Full Stack Developer / DevOps
Erik Hansen Architect & Software Engineer, Kraken Commerce
Springfield, Missouri - Available now for 30 hours/week
Magento Architect & Software Engineer with 11 years experience leading implementations. 6× M2 certified. M2 Certification Board Member. M2 2018 Top 50 Contributor.
Kevin Schroeder Magento/PHP Consultant, 10n Software, LLC
Dallas, Texas - Available now for 0 hours/week
I built the Magium Selenium Library. Currently: Load Testing Magento. Zend Certification Board, MagentoU , Former Magento ECG Consultant, MCD+, Former Zend Consultant.
Arjen Miedema Magento Developer, MediaCT
Groningen, Nederland
Magento certified frontend/backend developer, speaker at Magento conferences, addicted to sports like football (the European version), running and cycling.
Gabriel Guarino Senior Magento Full-Stack Developer,
Magento Certified Developer w/ +9 years of experience in the Magento platform. Magento Master 2017 and 2018. Member of the Magento Association. Magento Forums Moderator.
Sinisa Nedeljkovic Solution Architect, MageClass
Belgrade, Serbia - Available now for 20 hours/week
8 x Certified M1/M2 Developer; 2 x AWS Certified; E-commerce specialist with experience in providing high-end solutions for B2B & B2C businesses.
Simon Sprankel Web and Magento Developer, CustomGento
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Magento Certified Developer, Frontend Developer and Solution Specialist. Full-time freelancer. Runs the extension company Modulwerft.
Jeroen Boersma Sr Magento Developer, elgentos
Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Available now for 0 hours/week
Building great shops, optimize existing shops, rethinking workflows, MCD+, setting up Scrum to adapt to changes
Colorado, United States
I'm passionate about technology's importance to better business initiatives. Experienced Leader. Emphasis on eCommerce & HA Web Apps. Magento Enterprise Certified.
Fabrizio Branca Lead System Developer, AOE
Wiesbaden, Deutschland
Magento Master 2016, Magento Pioneer Award Winner 2015, Meetup Organizer, Hackathon Organizer, ... and a couple of certifications.

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