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Jisse Reitsma Magento Developer and Trainer, Yireo
Soest, Netherlands - Available now for 20 hours/week
Developer of about 60 Magento 1 and 2 extensions of Yireo, owner of Yireo, Magento developer trainer, organizer of Reacticon and MageTestFest, Magento Master 2017-2019
Björn Meyer Projectmanager, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
I like simple, scalable and user-friendly solutions. I do not like developers who do not talk about problems. Missing motivation is worse than inexperience.
Matthias Walter Senior Magento Developer
Würzburg, Deutschland - Available now for 0 hours/week
Magento 1 since 2008, Magento 2 since Beta JUN-2015, Focussed on reusable, extensible, maintainable Software Architecture
Phillip Jackson eCommerce Evangelist, Something Digital
West Palm Beach, Florida
6x Magento Certified, 4x Magento Master. ◆ @stackmagento. Co-host of @magetalk and @commercefuture. Organizer @magentosofla.
Antonio Mansilla Software Architect & Developer, Flagbit GmbH
Karlsruhe, Germany
Software Engineer, Magento & Symfony Developer, DevOps specialist. Zend PHP Engineer and Magento Developer Plus certified.
Sohel Rana Senior Magento Backend Developer, Ecommistry
7x Magento 2 Certified, 2x Magento 1 Certified, Zend Certified Engineer. Love to work with Magento2. Working with Magento 1 since 2009.
David Manners Sr. Magento Developer, Sitewards GmbH
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland - Available now
Magento Certified developer at Sitewards. 5 years experience with Magento, 10 in eCommerce. Speaker, thinker, father.
Nicolas Joshua Kohnle Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Being a general web developer before, I started working as a Magento 1 / 2 developer at Flagbit 5 years ago. Prefer Work with Vanilla Javascript, CSS and PHP.
David Lambauer Software Developer, run_as_root GbR
Wiesbaden, Germany - Available now for 40 hours/week
Good at Software Architecture and Code Quality. I work with Magento 2 since the first RC and already did some projects with it.
Goran Horvat Sr. Magento Frontend Developer, HGLINE
Croatia - Available in 2 months for 40 hours/week
Magento certified frontend developer (M1 and M2) with +5 years of experience in Magento platfrom.

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