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Joe Constant Sr. Magento Developer, Joe Constant
Boise, Idaho
Certified Magento Developer PLUS, 10 years Magento experience. Participated in Magento 2 Merchant Beta program. Built a M2 checkout replace and an M2 payment method
Ivan Chepurnyi Senior Challenge Solver, EcomDev BV
The Hague, Netherlands - Available now for 20 hours/week
The one who makes your store fly from the beginning. Magento Developers Mentor & Trainer. Former Magento 1.x core member
David Lambauer Software Developer, run_as_root GbR
Wiesbaden, Germany - Available now for 25 hours/week
Good at Software Architecture and Code Quality. I work with Magento 2 since the first RC and already did some projects with it.
Andreas Mautz Trainer, Consultant, Developer, webvisum GmbH
Cologne, Germany - Available now for 10 hours/week
Magento since 2008, MCD, FireGento e.V. board member, Current status: > 45 magento 1 shops and 2 magento 2 shops, Conference Speaker and Trainer, Whisky drinking twin dad
Pablo Sanchez Magento Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Alemania
Magento 1&2 frontend (and many times backend) developer and web designer. Over 3yrs experience in Magento.
Charleston, South Carolina
No description yet
Marko Tunukovic Magento Certified Developer, Redbox Digital Ltd
Magetno Certified Frontend Developer, Magento Certified Developer Plus. +5 years hands-on experience in Magento (full-time). Always ready for new challenges.
Jason Tipton Sr. Frontend Developer, WC Bradley
Cincinnati, Ohio
A talented frontend developer using HTML5, Responsive Design, and CSS3. Certified Magento Frontend Developer & Solution Specialist and experienced Project Manager.
Maksym Saveliev Magento Architect/PHP Engineer, Frendino
Miami, Florida - Available now for 40 hours/week
Architecting, developing and improving platforms, extensions, 3rd-party integrations on Magento v1/v2 for ecommerce businesses. Worked at Magento Core team for 5 years.

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