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Boise, Idaho - Available now for 10 hours/week
Over 15 years of development experience ranging from working in a corporate organization to freelance. Proficient with PHP. Familiar with JavaScript, Python, Ruby, COBOL
Dave Christy VP of Delivery/Development , David Christy
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania - Available in 3 days for 40 hours/week
Expert in Magento platforms since 2009, certified M1 and M2 Solution Specialist. Successfully built Magento practices at 2 different SI's from the ground up
Claudiu Sararu Sr. Magento 2 Frontend Developer, Nordic Web Team
Certified Magento 2 Front End Developer. Daily routine: digging my claws into Magento 2 .. for a living
Tennessee, United States
No description yet
Wojtek Naruniec Magento Developer, Mediotype
Wrocław, Poland
Magento 2 Architect, Technical Lead & Developer with strong Magento 1 and PHP experience.
Richard Sisco Software Engineer III, Classy Llama
Nixa, Missouri
I love writing code, but I've found that even more so, I love directing others while they write code.
James Aindow Magento Architect / Technical Consultant, James Aindow Consultancy
United Kingdom - Available now for 25 hours/week
A Magento Architect / Technical Consultant with a long history of Magento development (10+ years). 3 x Certified and experienced in M1 & M2
Vladimir Kerkhoff Owner / Magento Developer, Genmato BV
Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Magento Certified Developer (MCD/MCD+/MCFD/MCSS) at Genmato BV, building extensions to improve your order workflow!
Daniel Kenney Sr. Magento Developer, Mediotype
Port St. Lucie, Florida
7 years experience as a Magento developer. Certified Magento Developer. In my spare time I work on several personal projects.
Oliverio Gombert Magento Full-stack Developer, Orange Cat
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've been working with Magento since 2008, when the first versions of Magento came out.

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