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Jason Grim Sr Magento Developer/Architect, Jason Grim, LLC
Columbus, Ohio
Computer nerd since I was a little guy. Developer for 14. 5 years focused on Magento and Enterprise Commerce. Worked as a leader, architect & Developer.
Adam Moss Programme Lead, Space 48
Manchester, United Kingdom
I've worked on all kinds of sites with Magento since 2009, mostly as a backend but also as a frontend developer.
Juan Alonso Magento 2 Senior Developer, Advandoo AG
Bern, Switzerland - Available now for 8 hours/week
Magento 2 specialist, 4x Magento Certified. Trainer and consultant. Always aiming for maintainable, extensible and reusable code.
Tennessee, United States
No description yet
David Paz Senior Backend Developer, Flagbit
Karlsruhe, Germany
Software Developer. Fan of client/server application platforms; web and model driven technologies. Source Code Management and Continuous Integration.
Richard Sisco Software Engineer III, Classy Llama
Nixa, Missouri
I love writing code, but I've found that even more so, I love directing others while they write code.
Riga, Latvia
Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer & Magento Certified Developer Plus (6+ years Magento experience).
James Aindow Magento Architect / Technical Consultant, James Aindow Consultancy
United Kingdom - Available now for 25 hours/week
A Magento Architect / Technical Consultant with a long history of Magento development (10+ years). 3 x Certified and experienced in M1 & M2
Vladimir Kerkhoff Owner / Magento Developer, Genmato BV
Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Magento Certified Developer (MCD/MCD+/MCFD/MCSS) at Genmato BV, building extensions to improve your order workflow!
Ali Ahmed Ecommerce Consultant, Imagination Media
Miami, Florida - Available now
Ecommmerce Developer and Consultant. 5 Years experience with Magento. Love designing integrated experiences built on Magento.

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