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Kirill Morozov Technical Solution Architect, Morozov Group
New York, New York
One of Magento 1.x Core contributors, Technical Solution Architect, Certified Developer Plus since 2011, Zend Certified Engineer.
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Magento Developer with a penchant for breaking things. Uncertified, though many would say I'm certifiable.
Talesh Seeparsan Magento Architect, Bit79
Toronto, Canada - Available now for 40 hours/week
Talesh is a lead software developer specialized in two things 1. helping development teams go from hating Magento to loving it. 2. Securing Magento from hackers
Bastian Ike Developer, AOE
Wiesbaden, Deutschland
Magento Developer at AOE and crazy about security (not only in Magento). Speaker at Imagine Ecommerce and multiple Meet-Magento events.
New York, New York
Full stack LAMP developer. Open source enthusiast. Blogger. Monitoring and performance optimization.
Retie, Belgium - Available now
While being a experienced Magento developer, I specialised in Hosting & Performance. We can help you both with speed and scalability.
Patryk Swieczkowski Senior Magento Developer, BerlingskeMedia
PHP Magento EE Developer 4yr+ experience, modifying core functionality and extension development, Knowledge of optimisation, caching, and scaling techniques, Magento 1&2
BJ Hoffpauir Magento Solutions Architect, BSH Consulting
Lafayette, Louisiana - Available now for 40 hours/week
eCommerce Veteran | Magento Evangelist | InfoSec Specialist - Delivering Digital Transformations and disruptive e-commerce solutions for over two decades!
Raj Chevli Lead Magento Developer, CTI Digital
Manchester, United Kingdom
Lead Magento Developer at CTI Digital in Manchester, UK. Spearheading the Magento 1 & 2 Configurator projects. Patching in between!

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