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Project was developed by three guys before I started to work on it. I'm working on project from 2016. year which included active support and developing new features.

In January 2017. we started to work on total new site based on Magento 1 EE. We had to migrate all old data to new site. We implemented synchronization between ERP for customers, coupons, product, export order and update order status. Make Model Year implementation, full page cache customization and a lot other features.

Total custom solution based on Magento. Ecommerce site for selling images and Print Your Art feature from Kuwait.

Print Your Art is total custom solution, developed from scratch. We used imageMagic and Gearman workers for async image processing (for Print Your Art feature).

We implemented custom composite product type because we had to sell products which consist from: image + image size + frame (three child simple products).

On project I worked with Hrvoje Jurišić (frontend), Ivan Weiler (backend) and me (backend)

I worked from start on project (I have great recommendation on linkedin from store owner). The biggest web site in Kuwait for online shopping. Big amount of order / big traffic / big impacts. A lot of different technologies we used, like SOLR search (for arabic and english store view), RabbitMQ message broker for async operation, creating pdf coupons (attachment in new order email). Also I worked on implementation two version of ERP. A lot of things and experience.

On project with me worked also Hrvoje Jurišić (fronted guy) and Krešimir Banović (backend guy)

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