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Premier Homeware is one of the largest website for homeware in South Africa with thousands of products on their catalogue. We build parts of the functionality including custom offers and discount calculator, advanced shop by brand, advance search. is Louisiana based supplier of Cajun Food. One of the largest in their catagory with thousands of articles in their multiple stores to order from. Cajun Grocer is on buying spree since 2010 & we have been busy integrating the stores they buy so the customer gets the best of Cajun Food.

This Miami based organisation is growing rapidly in the promotional materials sales in the USA. Recently acquired the top slot in their industry in sales, CEP came to us after burning their hands with a Digital Agency they hired via Elance in 2010. The Agency took 4 years to add features that client wanted & was still unstable. Our client started looking for Magento experts and landed on our expertise page. The communication started with hard questions, understandable as the one who has invested 4 years and reached not even half way is supposed to behave that way. We analysed the website. Custom PHP code was written to build features which was a bottle neck. We took over the project in 2015, cleaned code, added advance features, built custom extensions for various product customisation features that only they offer in the industry. We are about to start building a custom CRM for the website using Zend Framework.

Client Quoted, " With earlier company we got what we paid for, A pile of shit. You guys are premium, but it has paid off"

Insured Ameda Direct 6 years ago

Synopsis: Ameda Direct Insurance Covered Brest Pump Magento eCommerce Ordering, Fullfilment & Claims Management System

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