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After Magento's SUPEE-6788 patch some functionality has been deprecated. Learn how to improve your extensions and make your code resilient to new updates.

New Order Notification 10 hours 6 years ago

Display a real time notification on the frontend of your Magento 2 store when someone places an order. The notification contains the latest product in the order and the location that the items were shipped to.

File Upload Attribute 10 hours 6 years ago

This extension allows you to create file upload attributes for your products by adding a new input type to the attribute creation form.

Minimum Order Quantity 6 hours 6 years ago

By default Magento lets us set the minimum quantity allowed in the shopping cart for individual items but this extension lets you set a minimum quantity for the whole order.

Magento Module Generator 12 hours 6 years ago

Thanks to the power of Yeoman I created a generator that can help Magento developers quickly scaffold most of the initial files that they need to create a new Magento extension.

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