WebP Optimized Images 3 years ago

WebP is the Next-Gen image file format developed by Google and is also recommended by Google's own performance audit tool "Lighthouse". With WebP, it is possible to reduce image file sizes significantly, with same or almost same quality. Smaller image file sizes mean: Faster load times & better performance -> better rankings & user experience -> more sales! Not only, but especially mobile users using slow 2G/3G connections will be grateful and benefit highly from this improvement.

With our Extension WebP images can now be added to any Magento 2 store easily, with minimum effort & low cost.

For further information, incl. numbers regarding potential savings as well as image quality comparisons, please see: https://www.jajuma.de/en/jajuma-develop/extensions/webp-optimized-images-extension-for-magento-2

SEO Extension for Magento 2. By using PRG Pattern (Post-Redirect-Get), typical issues of Layered Navigation with Duplicate Content are avoided. Valuable Crawl-Budget is saved and remains available for more relevant content. For information please see: https://www.jajuma.de/en/blog/seo-optimization-for-layered-navigation-with-prg-pattern and https://www.jajuma.de/en/jajuma-develop/extensions/prg-pattern-link-masking-for-magento-2

JaJuMa-Market 5 years ago

JaJuMa-Market is the All-In-One Multi-Vendor / Online Marketplace Solution. Various Business Models supported. Magento-based, powerful, flexible and customizable to meet any requirement. Managed / Hosted SaaS Solution.

For more information please see: https://www.jajuma.de/de/jajuma-market

Explore Demo System English: https://demo.clean.jajuma.de/uk/ German: https://demo.clean.jajuma.de/de/

Based on famous Shariff Script, JaJuMa Shariff Social Share is the first social sharing extension for Magento 2 developed with GDPR Compliance in mind. Tracking of users by Social Networks is prevented effectively. However, the sharing buttons added by this extension are still user friendly for customers and highly flexible, customizable as well as easy to use for admin.