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Advanced Custom Links 5 months ago

Advanced Custom Links extension for Magento 2 will allow the Admin to manage Top Navigation and Customer My Account Sidebar links from the backend. The admin can easily change the root category to be used for top navigation so that child categories of the selected root category will be visible there. Custom Links can also be added to the top navigation at any place by selecting its position to show before or after any particular existing category link.

Customer My Account sidebar links can also be managed using this. Custom links can be added at any position in sidebar. Also, existing links can be re-positioned and their titles can be changed.

Example: If a client wants to manage top navigation and customer my account sidebar from backend itself. Advanced Custom Links extension provides the feature to manage it in a very effective manner. Any modification in the links can be done in very less time as this module provides you the flexibility to manage these links from the backend.

Make My Shipping Rule 5 months ago

With the Make My Shipping Rule extension, you can easily create shipping rules without altering the other shipping methods. This enables you to create your own shipping method and add the number of shipping rule as you wish with the price that you decide. The rule you create can be either individual where you need to just provide shipping price or the combination of several conditions. Addition to this, it enables you to charge the shipping handling fee that can be either in percent or fixed amount of the shipping rate.

This extension has easy settings and configurations that enable you to create a simple rule or a complex rule including the combination of product attributes or shipping cart attributes. What about the condition related to the customer? Yes, the extension is flexible enough for you to create shipping rules based on customer group, even for the specific customer.

Marmi Store is a E-Commerce platform build in Magento 1.7, provided support for migrating two different Magento 1.x websites to single Magento 2.3 instance.

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