Magento 2 Chat Integration extension by MageComp helps in merging a live chat feature that is used to chat directly with the customers in your Magento 2 store.

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MageComp's Magento 2 WebP Image Support Extension is capable of supporting the image type of default Magento with the help of Google's WebP file format images.

Magento 2 Force Login extension by MageComp is capable of creating your store from stopping the access of the selected pages of your store and cannot view without logging to your store.

In case the payments of your customers remain pending even after the due date, MageComp’s Magento 2 Extension for Auto Cancel Order aids in canceling the orders all by itself for those particular clients.

Magento 2 Order Tracking extension will help your customers to track their orders from the order section in My Account. Build relationships with your customers by providing them with real-time order tracking.

The extension, Newsletter Popup for Magento 2 is designed to help admins of the stores to grow their brand with Email marketing list building. The extension catches the attention of your visitors and helps in capturing their email to grow your brand’s awareness.

Magento 2 Instagram Extension Pro by MageComp integrates Instagram feed with Magento 2 to allow store owners to fetch & display Instagram images & videos. The admin can set hotspot on fetched images and tag Magento 2 store products to create a beautiful Instagram shop.

Magneto 2 Restrict Order Extension by MageComp is designed specifically to forbid and restrict customers or groups of customers from placing orders based on their country, city or zip code.

Magento 2 Advanced Delivery Date Extension allows customer to select their convenient delivery option before adding product to the cart.

Magento Out of Stock Notification Extension by MageComp allows the customer to subscribe back in stock notification for out of stock products.

Magento 2 Multivendor WhatsApp Contact Pro Extension by MageComp works with Webkul Multivendor Marketplace Extension that allows vendors to set their WhatsApp number to display on their product page.

Magneto Customer Attribute by MageComp lets the store owner create additional attributes for the store which can be visible on the frontend as well as on the backend for capturing and validating user input.

Magento 2 Instagram Auto Post Extension by MageComp allows the user to auto post their store products on Instagram after saving it from the Magento backend.

Magento 2 Custom Shipping Extension by Magecomp creates custom shipping method and if required the store owners can also set custom shipping price.

With the growing use of digitization, online shopping become convenient for shoppers to place order online and receive orders at their door step without any hassle. But as the distance between seller and shoppers, one needs to pay shipping charges for the order delivery. But if such shipping rates are high for the customers they won’t buy anything and if you set it low then you have to suffer from the business loss. Even sometimes you want to set your custom shipping rate for the order that you can’t do from the default Magento 2 options.

Magento 2 Custom Shipping Extension by MageComp allows the store owner to create their own custom shipping method from the backend as well as it let admin set custom shipping rate while creating order from the backend. Also, you can enable the extension for all or specific countries from the backend. Using backend configurations, you can create different shipping options for your store and enable it for customer, admin or both.

Magento 2 SMS Notification Pro Extension by MageComp allows you to send bulk SMS to your customers and sends different store SMS notifications to both the admin and customers.

Magento 2 Order Comments Extension by MageComp lets your customers convey additional message/information at the time of checkout.

Magento 2 Advanced Extra Fee by MageComp let store owner charge their customers by giving an option to purchase extra paid addons while checkout.

Magento 2 checkout success page by MageComp is an extension which lets the store owner to display the whole summary of the purchase at the checkout success page instead of displaying only the thank you page.

Magento 2 Cancel Order Extension by MageComp allows your customers to cancel their processing orders at any time from their account section.

Magento 2 Store Locator Extension by MageComp let store customers locate a nearby store and find that store information & direction using Google Map.

Magento 2 WhatsApp Contact Pro Extension allows you to display multiple operators in the store frontend to assist your store customers using WhatsApp.

Magento Reviews Import Extension by MageComp let store owner import bulk product reviews for Multiple store products by uploading CSV file to store backend.

Shipping is one of the powerful ecommerce factors that helps your business to get on top and shipping charges are different based on product dimension and location. Magento comes with several built-in shipping methods that allow you to charge shipping in a different way. Among all, the flat rate is a favorite shipping method of every store owner that allows you to set fixed shipping charges but sometimes it makes your customer feel unfair as the distance is not always same for all the orders. At that time, you probably need a distance based shipping method that calculates distance from your warehouse to the customer's location and charges accordingly. Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension by MageComp lets store owner charge shipping rate based distance between their warehouse to the customer’s location. Using the Official Google Map API the extension calculates distance from the source to the destination depending on the unit selection made by the admin. Also, the extension allows admin to set up minimum and maximum order amount.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento 2 Distance based Shipping Extension: • Option to enable or disable the extension. • Uses the official Google Map API key for calculating distance from the warehouse to customer’s location. • The admin can set custom title and name for shipping method name to display in store frontend. • Backend option to set custom unavailability message for the distance shipping. • Using backend option you can turn off distance shipping for some countries if needed. • To display distance shipping on the top, admin can set sort order from the backend. • The admin can select the distance unit in Kilometers/meters or Miles/feet. • You can set the minimum and maximum order amount for distance shipping using the backend option. • Using dynamic field option, you can define different distance units and its shipping charges. • Also, admin can set maximum distance shipping area unit until where they can deliver the shipment. • Using backend warehouse manager, the admin can add multiple warehouses from which their customer can select the nearby warehouse to receive shipment. • Once your customer adds delivery location while checkout, the extension will automatically refresh summery and calculates distance from warehouse to delivery location.

Magento 2 Customer Account Links Manager Extension by MageComp allows you to easily manage frontend customer account dashboard links.

Amazon S3 is one of popular cloud-based services which allows website owners to store their images in the cloud, eliminating the traditional local file system. Cloud computing is instantly changing the way of storing and retrieving data. The benefit of using cloud platforms is not limited to its 24x7 availability of data, but also its scalability and durability that it offers. Using Amazon S3 service makes it possible to use cloud platform for storage of your website’s images to remote server, resulting into fast retrieval. Magento Amazon S3 Extension by MageComp binds Magento with Amazon S3 Servers to store your images by keeping your Magento server free. Using such third party servers, makes store owners free from the stress of maintaining it. Also, the extension works seamlessly with Magento stores, resulting in reducing loading time of the site.

Why choose MageComp’s Magento Amazon S3 Extension? • Option to enable or disable this extension. • Magento admin can easily connect to Amazon S3 server to save files on cloud by entering the access key and server region.
• You can easily set server time out if required. • Option to check the availability of bucket by entering the bucket name and Server region.

In this digital era, where the payment gateway plays an important role in accepting payment from your store customer without these payment processors it will become tough to handle cash processing. Nowadays, there are thousands of payment gateways are available, but when it comes to accepting payment in India there is no other better option than using the Juspay Payment Gateway. Because it is one of India's PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, safe and secure payment gateway that easily capture payments from store customers. MageComp has come up with Magento 2 Juspay Payment Gateway Extension that allows the store owner to securely capture payment from their customers. While checkout extension will redirect store customer to the Juspay Payment Processor Page where they can securely pay for their purchase.

Magento 2 Restrict Fake Registration Extension by MageComp helps store admin to reduce fake customer registration by restricting Characters, Domains, IPs while Signup.

Magento Upgrade Service by MageComp helps you to upgrade your Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x stores to latest and secured Magento version with zero downtime and no data loss to boost store functionality.

Magento 2 Custom Price Extension by MageComp allows store admin set minimum product price & let customer enter their product price to purchase store product.

Magento 2 WhatsApp Order Notification Extension allows the store owner to send personalized Order Status Notification directly to customer's WhatsApp number.

Magento 2 Loan Credit Extension by MageComp helps store owner give virtual credit to their store customers using which they can easily purchase any products without paying money.

Magento 2 out of Stock Notification Extension by MageComp let store customer subscribe back in stock notification via Email or SMS for the out of stock product which is currently unavailable for purchase.

Magento 2 Quantity Dropdown Extension by MageComp allows store owners replace the default quantity box with a fixed product quantity dropdown along with a respective price.

Shipping per Product Extension by MageComp let store owner set global & individual shipping rate per product according to their business needs.

Magento 2 Cash on Delivery Verification extension by MageComp helps store owner to remove the fake or bogus order from their store by verifying the customer's mobile number while placing an order through Cash on delivery.

Before buying an online product, customers are willing to know more and discuss but get in touch with customer care via email, support desk takes too much time. At that saving valuable time of customer by quickly get in touch via widely used messaging app WhatsApp drastically helps a lot. Magento 2 Order on WhatsApp Extension by MageComp helps store customer quickly order a product via WhatsApp and customer can discuss further if he or she is looking for more information regarding the product. Store admin can set their mobile number and push message from the backend, so whenever a customer clicks 'Order on WhatsApp' button from the store frontend they will get redirect to respective WhatsApp web or app.

Magento 2 Google Language Translator let store owner integrate language translation tool with Magento and allows store customer to translate content into their native language.

Magento 2 Cookie Compliance extension by MageComp allows store owner to display simple, clean and easy informed consent cookie notification bar in your store frontend.

Magento Product Questions extension by MageComp let store customer post their product questions on the product page and get the answers for the same.

Magento Order on WhatsApp Extension by MageComp let store customer order a product on WhatsApp and resolve their per-purchase query quickly.

Magento 2 Pending Customer Extension by MageComp allows store owner to manually approve all registered accounts from the store backend as per need.

Due to price fluctuations, competition or some reasons, sometimes store owner can't assign the fixed price for a product. At that time hiding product price and only allowed login used to see price can drastically help store owner to solve this problem. MageComp has come up with Magento Hide Price extension that allows store owners to hide product price with custom call to action that encourages store visitor to get registered to see the price. Also, store admin can redirect store visitor to a particular CMS page on click on 'add to cart' button. Moreover, Store admin can manage visibility of product prices for a specific customer group by making a selection.

The Order Delivery Date Extension gives your customers possibility to choose the date on which they want the products purchased from your store to be delivered.

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