Christina Clinical 1 year ago

In this project we created Promo code feature. The feature allows to buying products if a customer has a promo code only. The backend side allows generating codes, manage codes specific data, send codes to customers.

Mysa 1 year ago

Italian e-commerce project with multistore structure for different domains and different extensions.

WSM Tactical 1 year ago

E-commerce store that sells weapon. We developed multiple selection in layered navigation and sorting attributes.

Swimwear world 1 year ago

There were a lot of interesting features:

  • we created sort order randomization feature. The randomization feature mixing products with the same brand and makes catalog view prettier.
  • we created Only X left and Shipping from Date notice features. The features displays notice lines on a product page.
  • we created custom indexer to display a custom label on catalog images and integrated new extensions with existing custom features.

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