Magento Footer JS 4 years ago

Magento extension to move all JavaScript to the end of the page

Created a study guide for the developer certification

Integration with Mailcheck at checkout to auto-correct email addresses.

Created an extension that tracks product interactions by customers and assigns an interest score to each category. This can then be used to customise the site and show different static block content dependent on their interests.

Created a tool that can be used to regular create sanitised database backups to Amazon S3 and them pull them into development environments easily

Extension that helps generate a CSS file from template based on system configuration values.

This extension allows you to choose a different home page for different themes. This is particularly useful if you wish to set a different homepage on a mobile theme.

Commerce ML 5 years ago

Machine learning based extensions for advanced e-commerce uses.

Contributor to Meanbee's Magento 2 docker environment

Meanbee 12 years ago

Started an agency with Tom Robertshaw, even though we didn't want to call ourselves an agency back then..

A utility to aid the storing of Magento configuration in version control.

A tool that allows for quick setup of local Magento installations, ideal for testing code across multiple versions

A (debatable) list of things I think you should be doing as a Magento Developers.