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The Module will automatically optimize and improve the performance of your Magento-based store in Search Engines.

By Adding: TwitterCards, Structured Data, Language annotations, Webmaster Tools, robots.txt

Usually we tend to use widgets for elements that require specific formatting. But there are boundaries. For example, a WYSIWYG editor isn’t available within a widget.

A bit more than two years ago, I wrote the Slack and HipChat Extensions for Magento 1, which gained some popularity. Today I released the completely rewritten version of these Modules for the latest Magento 2 version.

Magento 2 is not production ready … at least that’s what everyone tries to tell us till today.

There are Statements who claim that „Even though Magento 2 was released, it is not production ready“ or like „Magento 2 is still not stable enough and they are experience many bugs/issues“ or my favorite one „we can not ethically recommended it as a production-ready platform“

I want to share with you that these aren't true at all, because for us Magento 2 is a success story.

BDK Luminaires SA 6 years ago

BDK Luminaires SA is a company specialized in the sale of technical and decorative lighting fixtures, as well as related accessories.

Magento 2 Module for parsing xlsx, xlsm and csv files from Excel

generate-modman 8 years ago

Shell script to generate modman files for Magento 1 Extensions

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