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Canceled Anywhere Starting now 75% Response Rate
$70 - $150/hour
Looking for some rush help from someone with Magento 2 chops. Primary need is backend, but could also use some frontend help.
Backend Development
Magento 2
Frontend Development
Canceled United States Starting now 61% Response Rate
Looking for a mid-level or senior Magento developer to work with our team - open to remote but some travel will be required
Backend Development
Magento 2
Frontend Development
Magento 1
Canceled Minneapolis, Minnesota Starting now 75% Response Rate
$70k - $90k
Must have at least 3 years of experience. At least 3 years experience with MySQL syntax and database structures, PHP, and CSS. Magento Developer plus certification (a plus)
Backend Development
Magento 2
Canceled Anywhere Starting now 63% Response Rate
$75-100 hour
We are looking to automate B2B integrations, import products/categories, optimize site operations, and build a robust onsite search & layered navigation.
3rd Party System Integration
Business To Business (B2B)
3rd Party Extension Customization
Onsite Search
Layered Navigation
uRapidFlow Pro
Mexico City Starting now 61% Response Rate
Looking for on-site Sr. and Mid-Level Magento developers to join our new office in Mexico City and work on some big projects
Backend Development
Magento 2
Frontend Development
Magento 1


Magento Load Testing 9 months ago

Cost-effective, third party, independent examination of your Magento system from people who know both load testing and Magento. The Wagento Load Testing service provides high availability testing of your Magento site without having to have third party tools. We take care of everything.

Magento Market Place 2 years ago

We teamed up with Magento to launch their Market Place. Wagento supplied 3-4 full time certified developers to launch their new connect store

A summary of the benefits of using product reviews on ecommerce websites

Three tactics that can be easily implemented within Magento to help increase average order value.

Managed Project 1 year ago

coordinated design elements, built out content, coordinated with developers regarding custom features (i.e. setting up "meet the team" page as simple products with unique attributes that are managed using native Magento product features).

Ilusion Mexico 2 years ago

The first Magento 2 launch in Latin America! We integrated Magento 2 with a custom ERP/POS system. Custom GeoIP for use with the two stores they currently have. (US and Mexico)

This article summarizes the benefits of upgrades and updates

Maintenance project 1 year ago

I was contracted monthly to maintain several custom category landing pages. There were also task to create a news article section, maintain 2 different Magento sites, and make sure everything was responsive.

I was given the design to setup and theme a new Magento site. Also, I was tasked to import hundreds of SKU's from GoDaddy shopping cart to Magento.

Kolpin 1 year ago

Kolpin is a subsidiary of Polaris and sell PowerSports accessories and attachments.

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