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UPS Battery Center 3 years ago

Magento 1 build:

  • Algolia integration
  • custom OMS integration
  • SEO improvements 5 years ago

Continuous development for a high volume (2k+ orders per day) fashion store:

  • custom import/exports
  • Apple Pay custom implementation
  • performance optimizations
  • custom marketing campaigns
  • administrative support

• Move to a responsive theme • Performed Akamai integration. • Developed custom admin features to improve the efficiency of the site administration team. • Installed, configured, and tweaked the community extensions. • Kept the client happy

• Created a custom loyalty (reward points) program. • Built a custom theme. • Integrated the ERP (NetSuite). • Created a subscription (recurrent payments) module. • Installed, configured, and tweaked community extensions. • Built various custom features. • Performed server tweaking.

Implemented a NetSuite connector for Magento: • Synchronizes orders, invoices, products, stocks, shipments, and customers. • It's queue-based so performance is not affected by NetSuite downtime. • It's stable so any error will remain in the queue for manual review. • It's fully customisable via admin settings or code. • It's been implemented successfully for more than 10 retailers. • It's able to handle more than 10,000 orders per day.

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