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Parterre 2 years ago

Fully custom Magento 2 theme supported by a few custom Magento 2 modules

Magento 2 Orange Money Payments by Meetanshi offers integration of Orange money web payment service with Magento 2 to capture secure online payments.

It is compulsory for an E-commerce business to offer a secure and convenient payment method to its customers in order to succeed! For Magento 2 stores, Meetanshi has developed the Magento 2 Orange Money Payments extension that aids in offering safe online payments!

The extension integrates Magento 2 with Orange Money web payment service to enable capturing secure online payments from the customers.

Orange Money is a popular payment service that is available in 17 African countries and serves 40 million customers! With the popular payment method, reach a wide customer base!

Offer the secured payments with a hosted payment facility using Magento 2 Orange Money Payments extension!

Benefits of Meetanshi's Magento 2 Orange Money Payments:

  • Integration of Orange Money web payment with Magento 2.

  • Offers secure hosted online payments.

  • Improved shopping and payment experience in the Magento 2 store.

  • Earn customers' trust.

  • Easy steps for integration with the Magento 2 store.

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DishPal brings local restaurant cuisine to busy eaters who love delicious food, but don’t want to waste time getting it. Working a late night at the office? Too many kids to get in the car? Don’t feel like cooking? Tired of instant ramen and frozen pizza? No problem! Our app makes it easy to enjoy freshly-made, hot and tasty meals delivered to your door, from any restaurant signed up with our service. And, at a great price too!

Easy Spirit 5 days ago

This high traffic Magento Commerce Cloud website was crashing every two weeks. In depth analysis and performance tuning eliminated such crashes and increased performance three fold.

This top 1000 website was migrated from M1 to M2 Commerce. Running on AWS it required extensive streamlining to perform well.

Subscription Site 5 days ago

This subscription based site must manually generate over 250,000 orders every season.

Sometimes due to some reasons, you have to restrict a group of users to visit and purchase on your Online Store. With Magento 2 Age Verification Popup Extension you can prevent such age group users (underage/adults/child) users to visit and purchase Products from your Website. The extension works by installing an age-gate on your Website. Users have to verify their age when they access your Website. You can enable age-gate on any specific product only or you can enable it for the entire Store. This extension comes with 10 different Popup Templates you can choose any one which suits with your Store Theme to look it more Professional. If you want to allow users to pass age-gate quickly without any hassle you can enable Checkbox or Button to verify age group. You can customize the following options here.


Continue Button

Restriction Button

Close Button

Powerful Key Features::

Add Age Verification Popup to your Store

Select Any of the 10 Different Popup Templates

Restrict Specific Products, Categories & CMS Pages

Enable Age Verification Popup on Cart & Checkout

Personalize Popup with Title, Image & Description

Multiple Templates Methods to Verify Age


45 days money back

FREE lifetime support

FREE lifetime upgrades

2 Minutes installation

Developed by Magento certified developers

Verified by Market Place

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