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With an increasing number of mobile phone users, E-commerce store business is growing fast. Providing facilities accessible from the phone itself will enhance the user experience of the store. Similarly, for Magento stores, Meetanshi developed Magento Mobile Login extension to let customers login via mobile number.

Magneto Mobile Login extension allows customers to login or register with a mobile number after OTP verification. Such a facility improves store's customer service and benefits the business.

The mobile login is preferred over the default login with Email as it is more convenient. At present, the extension is compatible with Mag91 but it can be customized for compatibility with other SMS gateways.

Benefits of choosing Meetanshi's Magento Mobile Login extension:

  • Allow users to register and login through mobile number after OTP verification.

  • Select OTP type from numeric or alphanumeric.

  • Specify OTP length.

  • Integration with Msg91 Gateway to send OTP for registration and login.

  • Select message type to send to users, i.e., transactional or promotional.

  • Easily enable mobile login with OTP verification for login, registration, etc.

  • Customize SMS text for OTP message to customers.

  • Use system variable to create SMS text for OTP verification messages.

  • The register or login button opens up a responsive popup to add the mobile number and verify using OTP.

  • Allow customer to reset their password whenever they want using mobile number or Email. 

  • Customers can update the registered mobile number from their “My Account” section.

  • Enhanced security to register, login, forgot password and update mobile by verifying mobile number with OTP.

Store Locator Magento 2 allows your clients to easily find and see full list of your stores even the nearest stores to your clients' location and the available products of those stores that clients want to buy. Your stores will be shown on Google Map.

Teeming from scratch, custom modules, integrations with ERP, PIM Salsify

Before buying an online product, customers are willing to know more and discuss but get in touch with customer care via email, support desk takes too much time. At that saving valuable time of customer by quickly get in touch via widely used messaging app WhatsApp drastically helps a lot. Magento 2 Order on WhatsApp Extension by MageComp helps store customer quickly order a product via WhatsApp and customer can discuss further if he or she is looking for more information regarding the product. Store admin can set their mobile number and push message from the backend, so whenever a customer clicks 'Order on WhatsApp' button from the store frontend they will get redirect to respective WhatsApp web or app.

Magento 2 Google Language Translator let store owner integrate language translation tool with Magento and allows store customer to translate content into their native language.

I have developed this store for UK also integrated it with netSuite

Developed fashion store for Pakistan in magento

Developed a resturant for Dubai

Online store in UK 3 days ago

I have developed this store for UK client

Amely – Clean & Modern Magento 2 Theme is an excellent template for shopping online stores. It was built for your digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, bookstore, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, and accessories store…

Furthermore, Amely is built based on MGS Front-End Builder new version and tons of extensions such as Layered Navigation, Guest Wishlist, Instant Search, Lookbook, Ajax Cart, Mega Menu, GDPR…. Which total save more than $799. So, it will bring a power for you to transform your dream shop into a magic digital outcome is limitless. Let Amely flourish your business and reach your full potential today. Compatible with Magento: 2.1.x, 2.2.0 – 2.2.5 Get details:

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