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A front-end only, state-full, application to display future topics for hosted on github pages.

The purpose of the app is to collect feedback through votes from Magento 2 developers on which issues they would like to learn more about.
It uses some interesting technologies and was fun to create.

The topics are stored as issues for a public github repository.

The app fetches the issue list and reactions from the github API and stores them in the browser local storage. They then are rendered using react, and styled using the materializecss responsive framework.

The list of topics is updated automatically only if an issue changed using conditional HTTP requests. This way the rate limit for the anonymous usage of the github API is not reached.

It took 6 hours for the initial development and then another 6 hours of additional tweaks.


FREE PHP / Magento2 Script - "Magento2: Fastest Way to Import / Update Product Prices in Bulk" We are back with the similar script for Magento 2 which helps you to update the product prices in bulk – probably the easiest and fastest way possible -

What is this Object Manager in Magento 2 doing? Why do I need to define my dependencies in an XML file? This session will introduce you to the concepts of Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection, two concepts which are closely related to each other. Learn about the general idea behind both concepts, the different ways to inject dependencies as well as their pros and cons.

StockNGo 2 days ago

The people at Stockngo recognized that when you’re juggling a thousand-and-one things, dragging yourself to the drug store is, well, a drag. Not to mention a waste of gas, effort, and precious downtime.

So why bother making the trip when you don’t have to? At Stockn'Go, they make it a point - no, a mission - to create tangible shopping solutions that actually keep you in mind and complement, even improve, your life. So instead of running around looking for the toiletries aisle, you can leave the chores to Stockngo.

All you need to do is click, order, and answer the door when the goods arrive.

U.S. Polo ASSN. 2 days ago

The U.S. Polo Assn. brand is the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing body of the sport of polo in the United States.

USPA partners with licensees across the world to provide consumers with branded apparel, accessories, luggage, watches, shoes, small leather goods, eyewear and home furnishings.

The products are available in more than 135 countries at independent retail stores, department stores and U.S. Polo Assn. brand stores.

Solo Deportes 2 days ago

Solo Deportes is the leading retailer and distributor of sportswear and fashionwear in Argentina, offering top brands and personalized attention to its customers. The company, founded in 1954, continues growing up. Today, Solo Deportes has more than 400 employees and operates in 23 stores in Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Paczka w RUCHu is logistics service based in Poland. The module provides shipping method.

Many times, there may be a situation when store owners need to redirect their customers to some specific URL after specific events. At that time, Magento 2 Custom Redirect extension by MageComp allows you to set custom URL to redirect your customers when they register, login, logout or add products to also works with different customer groups so that you can manage events and redirections in a better way.

Premier Homeware is one of the largest website for homeware in South Africa with thousands of products on their catalogue. We build parts of the functionality including custom offers and discount calculator, advanced shop by brand, advance search. is one of the largest breast pump and accessories selling website in the USA. We build Magento store integrated it with Custom Zend Framework based CRM, Call Centre Integration. Award winning project from Zend Php where we have taken Magento to next level interacting with CRM, Call Centre order, ERP for inventory, Eligibility & Medical APIs to verify the client's eligibility of the Insurance.

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