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Magento EE 1.9 e-commerce site. 5 hours ago

Multi language Magento EE 1.9 site with fishpig integration.

A bit more than two years ago, I wrote the Slack and HipChat Extensions for Magento 1, which gained some popularity. Today I released the completely rewritten version of these Modules for the latest Magento 2 version.

Magento 2 is not production ready … at least that’s what everyone tries to tell us till today.

There are Statements who claim that „Even though Magento 2 was released, it is not production ready“ or like „Magento 2 is still not stable enough and they are experience many bugs/issues“ or my favorite one „we can not ethically recommended it as a production-ready platform“

I want to share with you that these aren't true at all, because for us Magento 2 is a success story.

Free Fly Apparel 4 days ago

PrestaShop is a flexible shopping cart that allows its merchant to use it for any type of store. Our dedicated PrestaShop developer are capable to edit the core of your store and make it according to your own choice. We are special in making a PrestaShop exclusive targeting the needs of your customers. Following are our top features; • Hire developers for any time frame e.g. hours, days, weeks or monthshs • We are sincere and dedicated in our workk • Any code developed as per your need will be your own propertyy • Developers only work on your project during the time of hiring • Full contact with developers via skypeype

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I was proud of how clean this login page design turned out. This was created on the Laravel platform for automotive industry enthusiast.

Mobile app development bugs 1 hours 6 days ago

I wrote this blog post as a way to guide other developers in solving the issue i was able to solve with recent versions of Android API and Xamarin/Visual Studio mobile application development

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