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International Shopping Hub is one of the leading seller within region of Gujarat, India for providing branded beauty and personal care products like Himalaya, P & G, Hindustan Liver and many more.

We have provided them with consultation starting overall plan foorprint to making shop along with degital marketing. 1 day ago owns many famous brands sports equipment.

JaJuMa-Market 1 day ago

JaJuMa-Market is the All-In-One Multi-Vendor / Online Marketplace Solution. Various Business Models supported. Magento-based, powerful, flexible and customizable to meet any requirement. Managed / Hosted SaaS Solution.

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Kalen interviews Vinai about Lizards & Pumpkins

WooCommerce CSV import extension by FMEAddons is an easy and quick method to import or export the products. This add-on not only allows you import products but you can also import or export customers, orders, and categories.

You can import the data to create the backup of your data or for store migration purpose. CSV import extension for WooCommerce also enables filters, you can use that filters to import or export the specific data.

You can get this extension with 100% money back guaranty.

  • Integration with POS system
  • URL:
  • ERP Integration
  • Implement Varnish cache with
  • Performance Optimization
  • URL:

Build a full Magento site as a Full-stack developer for Tragic Beautiful -

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • Data Migration
  • Performance Optimization
  • Varnish Implementation

Lead a team to build a full Magento EE site -

  • Site Revamp
  • Data Migration
  • ERP Integration
  • Performance Optimization

Resize category images in magento 1.x