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Wallet System for Magento2 is an awesome module which allows customers to make the online payment from their Wallet System. In this module, customer/user can use Wallet Amount during the checkout and money will be deducted from their Wallet. They can easily add credit amount to their wallet system. Admin can set the limit for the Wallet System. Admin can also refund the customer amount through the Wallet System for Magento2.


Wallet System for Magento2 behave as an online Payment Gateway.

The customer can easily add credit amount into their wallet system.

Admin can also do the refund by the help of Wallet System for Magento2

The admin can add amount to the Customer’s Wallet or deduct amount from the Customer’s Wallet.

The admin can create multiple Credit Rules for crediting or debiting amount in the Wallet.

Admin can view the customer details who are using Wallet System for making the online payment.

On the checkout page, the customer can see used wallet amount and remaining wallet amount.

Email notification is sent to customer on each transaction.

Wallet amount will get credited after the generation of invoice.

Admin can create cash back rules for the customer.

The customer can get Cash Back amount into their Wallet.

The admin can set the limit ( maximum and minimum ) for the Wallet Amount.

The codes are open source, so it can be customized as per the requirement.

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