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Whether is it an e-buyer or a normal buyer, it’s a general tendency that the shoppers always wanted to make a bulk purchase at the least possible price. And if not, they tend to negotiate pricing. In brick and mortar stores, it is easy to bargain and ask for price negotiation. This way price negotiation turns out to be a better option which helps the store owner to make a hold of their customer base.

But in e-commerce stores, customers don’t have a way out to negotiate the prices thereby the leaving the e-store when they find higher prices and search other online stores with better price offerings.

Now no more shutting down of your potential customers because Webkul’s Quotation System for your Magento store allows the store owner to add a price quotation feature which lets your customers quote for prices. This way your customers will easily negotiate using this quote system.

The module will let the customers bargain right on your website and motivate customers to buy more products with best prices which will be a mutual advantage for the buyer and seller as well. In this module, the admin can configure the minimum quantity on which quote will be applicable. And accordingly, the buyer can quote a product with that minimum applicable quantity. The buyers can even update/edit their quotation requests.

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